Why Country House Weddings Are Magical

Nov 15, 2021 | Wedding Tips

Country house weddings are beautiful for so many reasons. A country house in the Lake District like Broadoaks will give you a truly magical backdrop to your special day, creating some wonderful memories to treasure forever.

Magical Lake District Wedding Venue

Here are just a few of the reasons why a country house wedding is so special:

A Relaxing & Special Atmosphere

A Lake District Country House wedding gives the perfect atmosphere for your wedding day. It’s grand and special, but welcoming and comforting – the best of both worlds. If you want your guests to feel they have arrived somewhere special, but you want them to feel at home, a country house wedding is the way to go.

Plus, it gives your guests a chance to enjoy the surroundings, especially if you have exclusive use of the venue. They can enjoy the small touches they can find within, from warm cosy fireplaces to the beautiful grounds.

Gorgeous & Well-Planned Photo Opportunities

Your photographer may thank you for booking a country house wedding! A gorgeous setting provides the perfect backdrop for photographs that you will treasure for years to come. Make the most of the gorgeous grounds or enjoy some photographs in the house itself. There will be plenty of areas that create photo opportunities for yourself and your guests.

Enjoy the Magical Romance

Lake District Country House weddings are romantic. They provide a gorgeous setting, giving your wedding day a touch of whimsy and romance. If you want to feel special, a country house is the perfect choice.

Space to Enjoy

If you have exclusive use of the venue, a country house is the perfect place to relax. You won’t have to worry about bumping into strangers, giving you and your loved ones a chance to truly unwind and catch up. This is important, especially if you feel a bit nervous about your big day. Being surrounded by loved ones in a special but welcoming environment may help you to relax.

The Personal Touch

You can add your own decorations to a country house wedding, making it a truly personal event. Hang photographs of yourself and your loved ones, create a treasure hunt for the little ones (and big ones!) to enjoy, arrange flowers and add other personal touches to make your guests feel at home.

Good for All Weathers

While it’s nice to be able to explore the grounds of a country house, you’ll also have the option of staying inside. You can never truly rely on the sun to come out on your special day, so if it does rain, you’ll have somewhere beautiful to go, and you’ll still have a nice backdrop for photographs.

Country house weddings suit all seasons. Your guests can enjoy a calming walk outdoors in the summer or snuggle up by the fire in the autumn. You can enjoy the blooming flowers in the spring or enjoy twinkling fairy lights at Christmas. Whatever season you choose for your special day, a country house will work for you.

As you can see, there are many reasons why a country house makes the most beautiful wedding venue!


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