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At Broadoaks we support the many projects that are ran by the Lake District Foundation to protect our wonderful environment. As a business, we feel it is our responsibility to actively support these local projects that help to protect and enhance, the landscape, wildlife and heritage of Cumbria. We do this
by being an LDF Business Supporter and also encourage our guests to also support the work they do.

Here are a few projects at Broadoaks that we support:


The view from Orrest Head is spectacular. It is said to be the view that inspired Wainright. However not everyone can get there to enjoy it because the top section of path is too steep and difficult. We are supporting LDF and their partners to create an alternative path to this special viewpoint suitable for people with limited mobility, including people with powered- wheelchairs and families with pushchairs.


The storm damage on 1st September 2019 caused £10,000 of damage to the, Herdwick Sheep Breeders Association marquees at the Loweswater Show. This may not sound important in global terms. However, many local and traditional events depend on their marquee. They need to raise the excess from their insurance claim. They have covered this now with a huge amount of help from LDF.


Fix the Fells is a partnership programme between LDF, National Park, National Trust, Natural England, Friends of the Lake District and Cumbria County Council to repair erosion scars which have developed over the years, and to make sure that these scars are prevented in the future. This is a project our business knows will need to keep going for the foreseeable future.  Supporting Fix The Fells means we can protect the environment, the walking paths and the heritage of this area. We are proud to support


Broadoaks contribute regularly though our monthly membership fee. We also make a contribution from every wedding party booking by offering an additional donation to LDF for every wedding package that is booked. Broadoaks has also agreed to direct funds raised through our Te-cycle programme which you can read more about below.

We want to encourage our customers to support this cause and donation boxes can be found at our reception. If you want to know more or donate, please read more on their website.


Once upon a time … whilst rooting around in the depths of Broadoaks we came across a sad sight that brought a tear to our eye and made us start to ponder…

In an old cardboard box gathering dust was a collection of beautiful cups, in desperate need of some love these decorative items that were made with care and craftsmanship in a time that is all but forgotten.

Before mass production and our throw away culture, was a land where these items were cherished, the focus of the dinner table and the envy of the neighbours. Carefully used and lovingly stored, brought out for special occasions and those important times, party to all kinds of conversations, the keepers of a lifetime of secrets, faithful, loyal and loved.

They all deserve a better life so hence our Te-Cycle programme to bring them back to life again. An old companion with a new purpose, the opportunity to be appreciated again and once more the centre of attention.


Te Cycle is a way for all of us to give an old cup a new start, it is also an extra way in which we can support our nominated charity

All we ask is if you have any old china ladies that deserve better than being stored the back of your kitchen cupboard, or the far corner of your loft then bring them with you when you stay at Broadoaks and let us adopt them, we promise to give them a new lease of life.

A donation of £1 per item will be made to The Lake District Foundation for each cup and saucer, tea pot or milk jug you donate.

Thank you

The Broadoaks Team xx

 Afternoon Tea Windermere Broadoaks Cup Rosie 

“My name is Old Vintage Rosie, I was stuck in a cabinet for the last 30 years, I was only brought out once for a dolls tea party. I joined the Broadoaks team only 4 weeks ago and it has been amazing! I have been so busy I haven’t had time to think, I’ve become so warm on the inside again I hope it never ends”

Afternoon Tea Windermere Broadoaks Cup Violet

“Hi I’m Violet blue, but only in colour now thanks to Broadoaks. All I used to stare at was the back of cupboard door with the odd cobweb, I’m a little scared of spiders so it wasn’t great. Things couldn’t be more different now, I attended a lovely couples surprise birthday meal last night and tomorrow I am going to a wedding”

Afternoon Tea Windermere Broadoaks Cup Ivy

“My name is Ivy, after my life partner just “cracked up“ one day I thought it was the end, no more fire side chats or afternoons in the garden. I felt so sad, that was until I was taken to Broadoaks now I get to see all kinds of scenery and I’m always so clean and presentable, I couldn’t wish for more“