Great Vegan Wedding Ideas

Dec 28, 2023 | Wedding Tips

For couples who live a vegan lifestyle, infusing the big day with cruelty-free and plant-based elements is not just a preference but a heartfelt commitment to their beliefs. Making sure all the bases are covered can take a lot of work but there’s a lot more choice when it comes to making those big decisions like venue and food.

It’s not all about compromise for your guests, either. Set against the serene backdrop of the Lake District, for instance, a vegan wedding can easily combine ethics and luxury with a blend of natural scenery and compassionate choices when it comes to food, clothing and even those all-important wedding favours.

Venue Selection

The Lake District, with its picturesque lakes, hills and majestic mountains, offers a range of venues that certainly align with vegan values.

Choosing a venue that understands and respects your life choices is crucial. Look for places that practice sustainability, such as using renewable energy sources or offering organic, locally sourced foods.

Many venues in the Lake District are already attuned to sustainable practices and can provide the perfect setting for more personal and compassionate celebrations. By choosing a venue with breathtaking views you can ensure that your wedding is not just vegan but always memorable.

A Feast of Vegan Flavours

The heart of any wedding is the food, and a vegan wedding offers the perfect opportunity to showcase the richness and variety of plant-based cuisine.

Work with caterers who specialise in vegan dishes and are excited about crafting a menu that reflects your tastes and ethics.

From elegant starters like wild mushroom tartlets to sumptuous mains such as stuffed aubergines or a hearty vegan wellington, the options are endless. Add in a stunning vegan wedding cake, adorned with fresh fruits and edible flowers, and you will be sure to surprise all your guests.

Of course, when it comes to the drinks, there is now a wide selection of vegan wines and plant-based cocktails to choose from.

Vegan Wedding Attire

In a sense, any vegan wedding is about celebrating love without causing harm to other beings, and this naturally extends to the wedding attire. Nowadays, it’s easy to go for dresses, suits, and accessories free from animal materials such as silk, wool, or leather.

From organic cotton dresses to suits made from bamboo or recycled polyester, you can look your best while feeling good about your choices. Accessorise with cruelty-free jewellery and shoes, completing your look with ethical elegance.

Vegan Wedding Favours

Wedding favours are a small but significant way to share your values with your guests and thank them for their support.

Seeds or saplings that guests can plant are a beautiful symbol of your growing love and the promise of a greener future. Handmade soaps, candles made from soy or coconut wax, and personalised reusable tote bags are other thoughtful gifts that guests will appreciate and use long after the wedding day.

Planning a vegan wedding in the Lake District is not just about the details of the day. It’s a celebration of your values and love for each other and the planet you inhabit. Choosing compassionate alternatives for your venue, cuisine, attire, and favours allows you to create a wedding that is not only beautiful and memorable but also a reflection of your commitment to a kinder, more sustainable world.

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