Wedding Trends for 2022

Dec 9, 2021 | Wedding Tips

Looking forward to 2022 is very exciting for the wedding industry, with so much uncertainty behind us, we can (all things being well) look forward to an amazing wedding filled 2022!

With optimism back and love all around new trends are becoming apparent for 2022, this also includes couples having contingency plans so that whatever happens they have a plan for how to proceed if the rules change significantly.

New Wedding Tends for 2022

Here are the new trends we are noticing for those getting married in and beyond 2022:

The Bridgerton Effect – The TV show Bridgerton has built a massive fan base and is also a big inspiration for the wedding industry. From the empire waist wedding dresses and lots of lace that we see in the wedding shops to the choice of country manors or classic English cottages as venues, it sneaks in everywhere. A Lake District small country house like Broadoaks is the perfect traditional setting for a Bridgerton inspired wedding.

Earthy Palettes – In terms of colour trends, there’s a lot of that soft Bridgerton-inspired blue around but for something different, the earth palette is a great trend. People are more focused on the environment and have a new appreciation for nature that is inspiring their choice of colours for a wedding. Terracotta pots, linen napkins and shades of rust, coral and amber will all be popular, especially if people are choosing locations such as Lake District where they are surrounded by the finest of nature.

Wedding Balls with Drag Queens – For those in the LGBTQI+ community, there’s a trend towards big spectacular wedding ball style events and there’s a huge trend towards having a drag queen, theatrical style extravaganza for the event. People wanting to move away from the traditional wedding feel are loving this trend which can work in any venue including a Lake District Country House.

Rent Your Wedding Dress – Another interesting trend plays into the idea of having the dream dress without the eye-watering price tag. Following the Prime Minister’s wedding and his bride confirming she rented a dress worth over £2800 for just £45, more people are turning to this idea. After all, the men have rented suits for generations – why not rent a wedding dress too?

Two-Piece Wedding Dresses – Another dress trend is towards the two-piece dress that is easy to transform into an overskirt for the ceremony and swap for trousers to dance in during the night. These dresses also have a greater chance of being re-worn later and this appeals to people who don’t want to spend all that money on a gown they only wear once.

Sustainable Table Designs – A final trend for 2022 is the use of sustainable table designs – in other words, things that people can take home with them and reuse. From air-purifying potted plants to dried flowers, people are looking at ways to decorate their tables but also allow guests to take things home and cut back on the waste from the event.

Lake District Wedding Venue

We love that the couples that choose Broadoaks for their Lake District wedding bring their own ideas, and style to our beautiful country house, to discuss your wedding talk to our experienced wedding team today.

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