Wedding Scrapbooks – What Are They and Why You Should Have One

Aug 7, 2023 | Wedding Tips

Creating a wedding scrapbook gives you an important keepsake for your big day. Unlike a photo album or video of the big day, you can include a lot of other things in this kind of collection that marks the occasion in a more personal way.

What you are looking to create is a memento that evokes genuine emotion and captures the most significant moments of your special day. Your scrapbook is essentially a visual narrative that tells the story of your lake district wedding. It might contain quotes about the wedding, things that resonate with you, cards you might have received from loved ones, pressed flowers from the day, or even copies of speeches.

A wedding scrapbook has much more meaning if you put it together yourselves. Here are our top tips on getting it right.

Creating a Theme

Combine various papers, ribbons, and embellishments that align with your theme or colour scheme. Each addition should complement the photo it surrounds rather than overpowering it. Ensure that every photo is central or element is within its own page layout.

  • A carefully chosen theme can tie your scrapbook together beautifully, providing a consistent and enjoyable browsing experience.
  • If your wedding had a rustic or vintage vibe, for example, opt for a scrapbooking theme that reflects the essence of that special day.
  • Choose colours that match your wedding’s palette. This coordination should bring harmony to the pages and creates a visually pleasing experience.
  • If it was an autumn celebration, use warm hues and leaf shapes throughout your scrapbook. For a springtime wedding, consider incorporating soft tones and floral patterns.
  • Allow the theme to serve as an elegant thread that weaves through every photo, note, and memento included in your scrapbook.

When creating a wedding scrapbook, you shouldn’t just look at a beautiful design but durability. You want it to last.

Acid-free Paper

Regular papers can cause photos and other memorabilia to yellow or fade over time. By using acid-free paper, you ensure that your cherished moments retain their original colours and quality.

Use High-quality Adhesives

Not all glues are created equal. When attaching photos and other elements to your scrapbook, opt for photo-safe adhesives that won’t damage images in the long run.

Durable covers

The cover of your scrapbook serves as protection for the inner pages and should withstand years of handling and storage. Leatherette or hardcover books with reinforced corners are the best option – in short invest in quality materials if you want your scrapbook to last.

Layouts for Your Scrapbook

The layout of your scrapbook will play a crucial role in enhancing the visual storytelling experience. Don’t start sticking anything down until you have worked out the order and decided what goes where.

Symmetrical layouts mirror elements on either side of pages, while asymmetrical layouts incorporate different items in a balanced overall composition. Both approaches can create visually appealing and harmonious layouts. Don’t be frightened to play around and try different ways of organising your content. The same goes for size and alignments.

Annotate Your Photos

Write down dates, locations, or brief memories attached to each photograph. This provides context and preserves the stories behind the captured moments. These small details breathe life into the images and create an intimate narrative.

A wedding scrapbook is intensely personal and often emotional when you’re putting all these different memories together. That’s why it’s an amazing thing to plan for when you start to plan your wedding and what mementoes you want to carry away with you.

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