Wedding Budget Busting Tips

Sep 23, 2022 | Wedding Tips

Weddings are the most romantic and wonderful time in any couples’ lives, but one of the most unromantic things can be to talk about budgets! However, without a structured budget you won’t be able to identity what is important to you and what you want to spend your money on.

Cost effective Wedding Locations Lake District

Broadoaks County House in the Lake District is not only one of the most beautiful places to get married, but it is also one of the most cost-effective places you will find. Broadoaks exclusive use packages start from only £3,745 for up to 32 guests.

Broadoaks has a very experienced team who love helping couples plan their special day so here are a few ways to budget effectively cut your wedding costs while still having the wedding of your dreams.

Wedding Budgeting Tips

Dates are Important – Choosing a date that works for you is important, but did you know that having your wedding at a less popular time of year or day of the week can mean big savings? Could you get married mid-week, or does the thought of an Autumn or Winter wedding seem magical to you? If so, then then check out the amazing Winter Wonderland Package that Broadoaks offers for this time of year.

Guest List Trimming – The more guests you have, the more stressful it can get, and you can still have a magical wedding with a smaller number of guests. Talk carefully with your family and friends and invite those that mean the most to you. As a small exclusive use venue, Broadoaks feels comfortable and full no matter how many guests you have. There’s also the option of live streaming your big moments from the day with anyone who couldn’t attend using Broadoaks state-of-the-art live streaming technology.

Wedding Dress Savings – Every bride and groom wants to look spectacular on their wedding day, but the outfits don’t have to cost the earth. Planning in advance can really help as you can buy wedding and bridesmaids dresses in the sales. Many high street and department stores are also stocking both quality bridesmaid and wedding dresses and very reasonable process. Second hand dresses are just as nice as new ones, and you can also sell them on afterwards to the next bride who wants to look beautiful on a budget. Hiring a Dress is always a classic option to save on costs as well. Many brides are also now choosing to wear anything but a traditional white dress, by celebrating your individual style you can also save money.

Creativity is Key – Save money on invitations and stationery by doing it yourself or embellishing shop bought plain invites. This is the same for table and room decorations. As an exclusive use wedding venue in the Lake District, you can decorate Broadoaks any way you choose and take time doing it as you do not have a time limit for the next wedding party. Jam jars with your own sourced flowers look lovely, fairy lights make Broadoaks look more magical and wedding favours of local food such as jam or gingerbread are a quick and easy way to gift to your guests.

DIY Photobooth – Keeping your guests entertained during the day can be easy with a DIY photobooth, all you need is some fun and silly props easily and cheaply available online and a camera. In this way you will keep your gust entertained, get some silly photos of your friends, and save money to spend on your photographer.

Talented Friends – Do you have anyone in your group of friends and family who could gift you their time instead of a wedding present? Do you know a DJ, a florist, a photographer a graphic designer or a hairdresser? This could save you a lot of money and bring you closer to those friends.

Wedding Gifts – You can also ask for money instead of gifts this can help with either the cost of the wedding or you can put it towards a wonderful honeymoon.

Accomodation – Dont be affraid to ask your guests to contribue towards the cost of thier accomodation for the wedding. The broadoaks planning team can help you set this up so its easy to manage and helps keep your costs down.

Lake District Wedding Venue

The best way to stay within your wedding budget and get the wedding you have always dreamed of is to use an experienced and affordable wedding venue like Broadoaks Country House in the Lake District and have frank discussions with your partner about what is most important. This will help you make a list of priorities where you can spend money and other ways where you can cut back and be creative.

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