Using Balloons to Style Your Wedding

Jan 28, 2023 | Wedding Tips

Balloon styling over the last few years has had something of an overhaul, and we love it! Creative suppliers are making couple’s wedding dreams come true in balloon form! The Lake District wedding industry has not neglected this trend and we are seeing it in more and more Lake District weddings.

Lake District Wedding Venue Styling

Balloons can really create breath taking displays, quirky settings, photo op backdrops and add real colour, vibrancy, and style to any wedding. Balloon displays are truly artistic and there has been a rise and rise in their popularity at weddings. From amazing balloon arches, to the surname of the new couple spelt out in balloons, the options really are as endless as the imagination  of the couple.

What You Need to Know About Balloon Styling

Latex Allergies – A quick note on an important aspect of balloon styling, is that they are unsuitable for those with latex allergies. If so, then foil balloons are your friend, and foil balloons are some of the most contemporary balloon options there are.

Statement Balloons – One of the most popular ways to use balloons in wedding decoration at the moment is to make one large statement wall. Perhaps as a backdrop to a photo stage, or even a dessert bar! It is a very simple concept but has a huge impact and if you can stretch your budget then you can go floor to ceiling, and then onto the ceiling, which adds a real glam factor to the wedding day.

If you want to make a statement without using so many balloons, then use bursts of colour for maximum effect around your wedding venue. Or choose a subtle palette such as pastels, or grey with hints of white and gold for an ethereal effect.

Budget Friendly Balloons – Balloons are currently being seen in a very trendy and modern light, which is fantastic because the are also very budget friendly too. Balloons tend to come in at a fraction of the cost of flowers for an average wedding. And you don’t have to choose between the two, blending florals in with balloons has also been a very modern trend. This looks great while having maximum impact for a lot less floral budget.

Mix and Match – Just like intertwining florals and greenery into the balloon displays there are other ways to add impact with different materials to make your display completely unique to you. Faux flowers and real flowers can be used for a unique effect and even pampas grass and acrylic paint can add a unique touch to your day.

Every Shade Imaginable – It can be tricky to have your perfect choice of flower if you are not getting married in the right season, with balloons you don’t have that worry. Balloons come in all shades and you can even have custom shades made for you. You can even have custom balloon shapes made for you if you want to make something truly unique.

Wedding Venue Lake District

Broadoaks is a stunning wedding venue in the heart of the Lake District, and it has lots of scope for you to add your own style as it is an exclusive use venue. Whatever you want your wedding to be, you can achieve it at Broadoaks.

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