To Cake or Not to Cake Wedding Cake Alternatives

Aug 26, 2022 | Wedding Tips

It’s probably the most traditional part of the wedding ceremony. The cake with plastic bride and groom on top is wheeled into the reception and the happy couple cut the first slice together. These multi-tiered creations can be quite magnificent, but many more people are looking for alternatives for a more modern approach to this delicious wedding tradition.

Lake District Wedding Venue

As Broadoaks Country House in the Lake District is an exclusive use venue, it means you can choose to have a completely unique take on your wedding and that means the cake too! Not everyone is a fan of cake and finding something different for the big day is a big challenge. The key to the arrival of the traditional cake is that it symbolises the first task that the couple does together once they are married.

Wedding Cake Alternatives

You may potentially want something that not only looks quirky but sounds delicious as well. Here are some ideas.

Wedding Croquembouche – These are like profiteroles, made from delicate choux pastry which is then injected with cream. These little balls of delight can be ‘glued’ together with chocolate and dusted with icing sugar to form a not-so-insignificant tower of creamy goodness. This is a great option if you’re only having a few guests and a smallish reception.

Wedding Macaroons Tiers – If you are looking for something simple that doesn’t cost the earth, then layering macaroon biscuits on a tiered serving platter can be a great DIY option. Macaroons come in a range of fabulous colours which can make this a good centrepiece for the reception. Guest can simply pick a biscuit off the tray rather than carrying around some messy cake.

Wedding Candy Bar Buffet – If you want something spectacular and out of the ordinary to wow your guests at your wedding reception, you might want to consider designing a candy bar. This is like a drinks bar but only contains sweet treats and it’s guaranteed to drive the kids to distraction.

You can add lots of different things to your candy bar including colourful doughnuts, mini chocolates, and various other sweet treats. A candy bar on wheels is effective because it makes a stir when it is wheeled in at the end of the reception and everyone can help themselves rather than waiting for the cake to be cut.

Italian Wedding Cannolis – If you’re a fan of Inspector Montalbano, the Italian detective series, you’ll know all about cannolis. As a slice of decadence and pure culinary joy, you can’t get any better. They consist of a tube of fried pastry dough that is then stuffed with a creamy cheese filling.

Wedding Kransekake – If you want something from colder climates this Scandinavian treat can be a great crowd pleaser. It is made from almonds, sugar, and egg whites. If you want a sweet that is gluten and flour free, then this is a great option.

Wedding Cheesecake – Another simple option that can help finish off your wedding reception is the cheesecake bite. If you’re on a budget, cheesecake is a cost-effective option but also looks relatively sumptuous. You can even make it yourself.

There are 101 different options for changing up the traditional wedding cake and offering something different. You don’t even have to choose something sweet. Adding a selection of exotic cheese and biscuits with fruit could be just as exciting for your guests.

Your wedding should be as unique as you are (including cake options) talk to the experienced wedding team at Broadoaks on how to include your ideas in the stunning Lake District country house!

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