The Biggest Wedding Trends for 2023

Nov 3, 2022 | Wedding Tips

More than 200,000 couples decide to tie the knot in the UK alone each year. Once the engagement is announced, the race is on to organise everything for the wedding day.

Weddings in the Lake District

Whether you’re planning something intimate, or inviting all the clan and their friends on the big day, keeping an eye on the trends is important if you want to create a celebratory splash that lives long in the memory.

Here we look at a few of the biggest trends for 2023.

Back to the 80s – Everything about 80s fashion was dramatic from the padded shoulders and puff sleeves to all the clothes with plenty of movement and texture.

If you think the rah-rah skirt is making a comeback, then you won’t be far wrong. 80s-inspired wedding dresses are all the rage, and you can even find ones that have detachable sleeves – so you can have a day and evening look without having to change the outfit.

Less Spend More Intimate – Whether it’s the influence of the pandemic, the 2023 trend is for more intimate gatherings and big party events to be out of fashion, at least for us humble everyday people. More guests mean more spending, but it also means your wedding tends to be less intimate. That can, of course, make it difficult when choosing your guest list, not least because you’re going to need to leave some people out.

People are looking to create wedding parties that have a friendship value rather than a familial one with many even choosing male bridesmaids for the ceremony. The pre-wedding celebrations are also more likely to be mixed gender events.

Bride Pants are In

In the past, the wedding dress was obligatory, but more and more brides are opting for suits rather than frocks. Searches for wedding suits for women have grown by more than 100% in the last few years but that doesn’t mean you have to skimp on the style.

Colours are also changing with brides arriving in blues and pinks rather than the traditional white. For some reason only known to the fashion industry, one of the style additions for 2023 is pearls – whether on a bridal pantsuit or a wedding dress, they’re going to be big and bold.

Scenery is Important

Locations are always changing when it comes to weddings and the traditional church gathering, while still popular, is less likely to be the first option for many couples. Having a venue with outdoor space and lovely views are becoming the go to for modern brides.

Have your wedding at any time of the year in the Lake District, and especially in the grounds of a country house like Broadoaks, you will find some spectacular backdrops of scenery for your celebrations.

Wedding Entertainment

People are looking for out-of-the-ordinary entertainment, whether that’s setting up games outdoors for guests, hiring a live band or having individual novelty acts through the evening. Broadoaks works with a wide range of suppliers who can bring your wedding dreams to life.

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