Practice Makes Perfect: Should You Have a Rehearsal Dinner?

Jun 21, 2023 | Wedding Tips

Unlike our friends over the pond, rehearsal dinners don’t have a long tradition in the UK, but they’re increasing in popularity. As a result, more brides and grooms wonder if they should include a practice dinner in their wedding plans. Rehearsal dinners typically take place the night before the big day. They can be a fantastic way for family and the wedding party to meet, socialise and run through the roles they’ll play on the day.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the pros and cons of having a practice dinner so you can evaluate whether you should include it in your wedding plans.

Pros of having a practice dinner

Go with the flow

You can ensure everyone knows what they’re doing by rehearsing the ceremony and reception timeline, resulting in a seamless flow of events on your special day.

Last-Minute Adjustments

By rehearsing the ceremony, you can identify any problems and make last-minute adjustments. For instance, if your adorable flower girl struggles to stay interested walking down a long aisle, you can have a bridesmaid hold her hand or mum attracting her attention with a teddy, crisis averted.

Bonding & Relaxation

It can be a fantastic way for the wedding party & family to get to know one another, especially if they’re meeting for the first time. A relaxing dinner after a run-through of the logistics of the big day is the perfect way to treat your nearest and dearest.

Pre-Wedding Excitement

A practice dinner can be a fantastic way to get the party started and get the guests excited for the coming celebration.

Cons of having a practice dinner

Another Expense

Weddings can be expensive, especially if you have large groups, and many couples find themselves on a tight budget, so a rehearsal dinner might not be affordable.

All Aboard

Getting the bridal party and close family to both a rehearsal and the wedding day celebrations can be challenging. Especially if some guests plan a day trip rather than finding accommodation nearby.

Additional Stress

Planning a wedding can be stressful and adding a practice dinner to the ever-growing to-do list can be overwhelming. As a result, some brides and grooms prefer an early night to rest for the next day’s celebrations.

Spoiling the surprise

If you have a special treat up your sleeve, a rehearsal dinner might spoil the surprise and dampen the excitement.

While planning a wedding, evaluating whether a practice dinner would be helpful, or an unnecessary burden is important. Your wedding celebration will be as unique & special as you are, and taking your budget, location and type of ceremony into consideration can assist you in deciding whether a pre-wedding party is preferable to a relaxing night before the big day. Don’t let it worry you, though. Thousands of beautiful weddings take place in the scenic Lake District without a rehearsal dinner. Although it can be nice, it’s definitely not required for a successful wedding celebration.

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