Popular January Wedding Themes

Nov 18, 2022 | Wedding Tips

If you’re planning to get married in the Lake District, January is a magical time to organise everything. Not only does the local landscape look amazing but there are lots of options for making your big day as memorable as possible.

Here we look at some of the wedding themes you might want to introduce that help your celebrations go with a bang.

Wedding Colours

Chances are in January that you will be surrounded by crips frosts and maybe even some snow. If it’s cold enough the lakes might even start to partially freeze over. You need to take this beautiful landscape into account, especially if you are having your ceremony outside.

Introducing some elegant and rich hues for your wedding design should make a brilliant contrast against this background. Rather than mute pastels, there’s an option to include stunning burgundies and emerald colours that are going to look fantastic.

Of course, there is another option. Black and white also works brilliantly and can certainly add something dramatic to the celebrations.

Choosing Your Theme

When it comes to theming your wedding, there are also lots of choices. Creating a theme allows you to build a venue where everything works together and matches. You might go for something ethereal like a winter wonderland or something that fits in with the colder climate such as a beauty and the beast or snow-white theme. Maybe you want to create an Arctic theme and introduce a few penguins and polar bears.

Selecting Your Flowers

One of the big decisions we normally have to make for a wedding is which flowers to choose. It’s a good idea to get to know a local florist and see what is available during January. You’ll probably be surprised at the range you can choose from.

Again, you should be looking at colour and more dramatic, richer hues like reds and burgundies are a great option. Most florists will have a mix of seasonal and non-seasonal flowers to choose from including carnations, tulips, and roses. But you might also be able to find daffodils, orchids, and delphinium.

Getting the right mix will depend largely on your theme so it’s worth taking time over discovering the options available before making your choice.

Wedding Decorations

Winter is a good time to have a wedding and it lends itself well to amazing decorations. You may want to go for something natural for the tables such as pinecones and berries. Crystal glasses can give that glint of the ice palace you may be looking for. Lighting can also be enhanced with elegant string lights to make the venue look magical from the moment guests walk in.

There are lots of benefits to having your wedding in January. It’s often much cheaper to organise as it comes before the spring and summer when bookings naturally tend to increase. In a location like the Lake District, however, you also have the huge benefit of the local scenery that looks fantastic at this time of year.

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