How To Book a Last-Minute Wedding

Nov 9, 2023 | Wedding Tips

Broadoaks is a stunning country house in the heart of the Lake District where many couples have had amazing weddings over the years. Planning a last-minute wedding can be a whirlwind but the experienced team at Broadoaks can help you put together you perfect day in no time at all!

Lake District Wedding

If you have decided that you want to tie the knot and need a last-minute venue, you should always check with Broadoaks to see if they have any availability. As an exclusive use venue, the team will know when and if they can help you create your perfect day. There are sometimes cancellations which opens up weekend availability and there are often weekdays and options in the winter months where a last-minute wedding is not only possible but will be amazing!

Last Minute Wedding Tips and Advice

Planning a last-minute wedding can be a bit more stressful and challenging, but with the right approach and some resourcefulness, you can still have a beautiful and memorable celebration.

Here are some last-minute wedding planning tips:

  • Prioritise: Identify your top priorities for the wedding. What elements are most important to you? Focus your efforts and resources on these aspects and be willing to compromise on others.
  • Keep It Simple: Simplify your wedding plans. Focus on the essentials first and then look at any extras only if you have time. A simpler wedding can be elegant and heartfelt.
  • Utilise Available Resources: Take advantage of resources that are readily available. This might include using the Broadoaks supplier list, relying on online invitations, and using the gorgeous Broadoaks venue and grounds to its full advantage.
  • Call In Favors: Don’t hesitate to ask for help from friends and family. They may have valuable skills, connections, or resources that can be used to your advantage.
  • Vendor Search: Start by contacting local vendors to check their availability. Be open to working with newer or less established vendors who may have more availability on short notice.
  • Wedding Attire: Look for off-the-rack wedding dresses or consider renting a gown. For the groom, opt for a suit or tuxedo that’s readily available.
  • Ready-Made Decor: Use readily available decorations and centrepieces. You can find plenty of last-minute options at party supply stores or craft stores.
  • Digital Invitations: Consider sending digital invitations via email or social media, which can be created and sent quickly.
  • DIY Elements: Embrace DIY projects for aspects like wedding favors, centrepieces, and decor. This can save you time and money.
  • Delegate Tasks: Assign specific responsibilities to trustworthy friends or family members. Delegating tasks can help distribute the workload and reduce stress.
  • Photography and Music: Hire a local photographer or DJ if available. If not, consider asking a photography enthusiast or creating playlists for music.
  • Stay Organised: Keep a checklist and stay organized. Last-minute planning requires efficient time management and attention to detail.

Remember that the most important aspect of your wedding is the love and commitment you share with your partner. While last-minute planning may have some limitations, it can still result in a beautiful and meaningful celebration.

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