How to Add Luxury Touches to Your Wedding

Jan 14, 2022 | Wedding Tips

Getting all the right elements in place for that big day can be challenging but there are simple ways to add a touch of luxury to your wedding.

Lake District Wedding Venue

Broadoaks is a stunning wedding venue in the heart of the Lake District which needs very little adding to it to make your day special. However, little personal luxury touches can make all the difference, so here are some great ideas:

Choose a Special Wedding Venue

Choice of location often makes the wedding celebration and if you are looking to have a memorable day, the venue is critical. Broadoaks is a stunning versatile wedding venue near Windermere, making it the perfect location for your Lake District Wedding. From the sweeping driveway to the charming fountain, the beautifully manicured gardens, to the comfortable rooms and fantastic food, Broadoaks has everything you need for your special day.

Wow With the Entrance

First impressions count in a lot of things but nowhere is it so important than for your wedding venue. The entrance is the perfect place to set the tone and add a good deal of luxury in simple and effective ways.

How about creating an archway of flowers to the doorway or including romantic lighting effects to guide people down the aisle towards the wedding venue? If you want to make a truly spectacular entrance, then consider arriving at your ceremony by helicopter as you can land in the Broadoaks grounds!

Create Atmosphere with Lighting

Another easy way to add luxury to your wedding venue is in the choice of lighting. One way is to add chandeliers above guests’ tables or to highlight specific areas of the wedding location with the subtle placement of lamps.

You can get designer spotlights that spread a pattern over a certain area like the dancefloor, something which works especially well as the event heads into the evening. For a completely different vibe consider candlelight, outdoor fire pits, roaring indoor fires, and fireworks to get that special cosy glow.

Use Partitions to Create Different Scenes

Using partitions or leaving decorative elements in the different spaces within Broadoaks really makes a difference to the look and feel of your wedding. There are various ways you can do this to add a touch of luxury – for example, adding flowers or plants or simply by using elegant drapes in certain areas.

You can make and decorate areas for the guest book, for the photo booth, for some personal photographs or just a relaxing chill-out space for your guests to enjoy.

Invest in the Best Entertainment

One of the key things that can lift your wedding day is the entertainment that you provide for the guests. From great local lake district DJs to classical ensembles to local bands who can help your guests dance the night away, Broadoaks has a great list of suppliers who can help add an extra layer of wonderful to your wedding day.

If you want to get people up dancing, there’s nothing better than talented people in tuxedos and elegant dresses playing their instruments live to get the guests moving.

Wedding Stylists & Wedding Props

It can be challenging to bring all the elements of a luxury wedding together so that you get the memorable day you are looking for. Working with a stylist or planner can certainly help and should take the pressure off organising everything.

They concentrate on all the minute details such as decoration choices and what sort of plates and cutlery you want to use to create the right impression. You can bring in your own stylist or work with the experienced team at Broadoaks to make your plans a reality. Without making any effort, you have access to someone who not only knows the location well but understands how to create a luxury wedding that will wow your guests.

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