Great Tips for Gay Wedding Styling

Jul 15, 2021 | Wedding Tips

Same-sex weddings are the perfect opportunity to rewrite tradition and create a beautiful, unique wedding day. Create an experience that suits you as a couple, and you will have happy memories to treasure – as well as beautiful photos to look back on!

Gay Wedding Venue Lake District

Our gorgeous exclusive use wedding venue in the Lake District is the perfect backdrop to your gay wedding, no matter what your theme or style!

Here are a few ideas for unique wedding-day looks:

Colour Variations – The same suit or dress in complementary colours can be a really sweet look for your wedding outfits.

Colour Matching – You can match elements from your outfit, giving you a unique but coordinated look.

Boho Wedding Styling – Choosing completely different outfits can work really well for a laid-back, boho-style wedding. Go for relaxed, comfortable clothes that suit your individual personalities, and dress your wedding party (if you choose to have one) in outfits that reflect their personalities, too. Throw away the rules about colour schemes and enjoy an artsy, laid-back vibe.

Colour Coordination – Wear different outfits but tie them into your colour scheme by matching your wedding party, décor, and flowers. This will help to create a cohesive look for your day.

Pattern Matching – Checked suits in different shades can help you to feel connected whilst giving you some individuality.

Go Traditional – If you love the big white wedding dress and suit combo, go for it! Go for what makes you feel special and comfortable in your own skin.

Pick Matching Silhouettes – If you’re both wearing a dress, try choosing the same shaped dress, but in different colours. This will coordinate your look whilst giving you a chance to express your individual style.

Choose Bold Colours – Alternatively, a bold, bright coloured wedding dress can be a stunning style statement. Wedding dresses come in all colours and styles, so if you want something truly memorable, look for something in your favourite colour!

Choose a Statement Blazer – A statement blazer can elevate your wedding suit, expressing your individual style and making your outfit feel more special. Choosing a different blazer with the same suit underneath will give you a coordinated, but still individual, look.

Go for the Full Princess Look – If you both love a beautiful dress, go for it! Don’t feel that one of you has to wear a suit – lean into that fairy tale vibe by choosing dresses you love.

Go for Trouser Suits – Brides don’t have to wear dresses. Trousers come in all colours and styles, so pick something extra special and enjoy feeling super comfortable all day.

Pick One Dramatic Piece – An extra-long train, a beautifully embroidered veil, a dramatic cape, a stunning floral crown – these will create a stunning, extra-special look for your big day. Keep everything else simple and pick one accent piece.

Go Casual – If you’d rather just feel comfortable, pick something that you would usually wear, but choose something of a higher quality than you’d normally go for. This will make you feel comfortable, but your clothes will still feel special.

Go for Matching Makeup – Different outfits with matching makeup can create a striking look – think berry-red lips for a winter wedding.

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