Creative Ideas for Smaller Weddings

Feb 24, 2023 | Wedding Tips

Broadoaks is a unique wedding venue in the Lake District as it is completely flexible. If you are opting for a smaller wedding, there are numerous creative ways to infuse your personality into the day and make it truly special.

Exclusive Use Small Wedding Venue Lake District

Intimate weddings have always been chic affairs, especially when they take place in a gorgeous country house wedding venue in the Lake District. No matter the number of guests, the wedding should still include the same attention to detail as any larger wedding.

Smaller Wedding Ideas

Here are some great creative ideas perfect for those who prefer smaller gatherings for their wedding.

Go all out – A smaller guest list lets you really go all out for the bridal party and the guests that are coming. You can hone in on the finer details that perhaps would have to be diluted for a larger group and create the wedding you have always dreamed of. With a smaller guest list, you really can pull out all the stops and include an abundance of fresh flowers, fine stationary and a delicious wine list. If you want your wedding to feel like an intimate dinner party, rather than a huge party, then a smaller guest list is a great idea and a venue that can accommodate this intimacy, like Broadoaks, is required.

Be fearless with fashion – As your guest list consists solely of your closest and dearest friends and family, you have the perfect opportunity to focus on what truly makes you and your partner unique and embrace it to the fullest. Be fearless and ditch the traditions and do what makes you happy (great advice for weddings in general). Whether you want to wear a short dress or change looks regularly throughout the day, wear a designer gown or your mother’s wedding dress, or even pyjamas for a late-night party, a smaller group of guests is easier to manage.

The little details are important – When you are hosting a smaller wedding you really can hone in on the details. If you want to get really personal you can include things like initialled napkins that serve as place cards for each individual guest. Your guests will love the surprise and feel wanted and included in your intimate wedding and cherish these tokens.

Create welcome bags – This is a lovely idea and something that can be done well when you have a smaller guest list. Curating a small bag of items that are not only useful but also personal to each guest. You can include items that are tailored to their star sign, favourite foods and include handwritten notes for each person.

Whole Guest Photographs – Smaller weddings are lovely as the photographs are easier and more personal. You can get a wedding photo with each of your guests, along with the traditional group photos as you will not be hampered by time.

With a smaller guest list, you can reimagine everything you ever thought about a wedding, from the way the ceremony is set up to the seating arrangements for dinner, you can be extremely personal when including your guests in your wedding and make it a wedding that you truly want.

Broadoaks Country House offers the perfect setting for a small, intimate wedding, nestled within the picturesque Lake District. The venue’s exclusive use packages, starting at just £3,545, make it an affordable option for couples seeking a memorable celebration. With the freedom to tailor their special day, Broadoaks allows couples to unleash their creativity, ensuring a truly unique and enchanting wedding experience in a breathtaking location.

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