Budget Wedding Ideas That are Still Beautiful

Jan 16, 2023 | Wedding Tips

There’s no doubt that weddings can be an expensive, but worthwhile event. The great news is that there are some ingenious ways you can cut down the price of your big day and still make it highly memorable.

Budget Wedding Ideas Lake District

The first thing you need to do, of course, is set a realistic budget for your wedding. That includes where it’s going to be held and who is likely to be invited. Keep this handy and use it to find ways to cut costs without spoiling the fun.

You don’t necessarily have to book a big venue and you can take steps to handle at least some of the catering as long as you have some willing helpers. It all depends on how much you want to save.

Venue Options – Use a gorgeous wedding venue in the Lake District like Broadoaks for your wedding, because it is incredibly versatile. With so many places to take great photographs you don’t need to buy any props, and with great rates year-round, and great deals to be had in the quieter seasons, opt for a winter wedding instead for better value.

Guest List – One of the easiest ways to keep your wedding budget under control is to keep the wedding guest list to only those people who really need to be there. Broadoaks is a special wedding venue as it can host both large and small wedding parties.

No Wedding Transportation – Because you can get married, stay overnight, and have the evening party at Broadoaks you can save money on transportation.

Cake Options – Wedding cakes are amazing, but they can be expensive. Instead of the traditional wedding cake, consider a cake table where guests can bring a bake to share, a lovely way to get all your guests involved. If you have a keen cake maker or decorator in your family, then ask them to gift you a cake as a wedding gift. And if you want a cake but want to keep the costs down many high street supermarkets offer basic cakes that are delicious and affordable.

Wedding Outfit Options – More and more people are hiring their wedding outfits for the day but there’s no hard and fast rule that you need to have a morning suit or wedding dress. If you do want to wear white for the big day, look around online for second-hand dresses. Sites like Recycle My Wedding not only have pre-worn outfits but a whole bunch of accessories for sale at knockdown prices. High street dresses are also a great way to have lovely fashionable dresses at reduced prices.

Are wedding Favours Necessary? -Do you really need to give your guests a gift to be at your wedding? They are lovely things to have but your guests won’t expect them. Or perhaps choose something like printing your favourite poem or giving everyone a single stem flower at their dinner place instead.

There are a lot of ways to save money and still have the wedding of your dreams, be creative, decide what is important to you and enjoy the journey.

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