A Modern Approach to Wedding Gift Lists

Aug 24, 2021 | Wedding Tips

Although Broadoaks is a beautiful and traditional Lake District wedding venue, it is a place that also embraces a modern and flexible approach to every kind of wedding. We love to celebrate the uniqueness of our couples and work with them to create the wedding of their dreams.

Wedding Venue Lake District

As an experienced, exclusive use wedding venue in the Lake District we know that most couples like to have a mix of both traditional and modern elements to their wedding to make it special for them. One of the trends that has been growing in popularity recently is the modern approach to the traditional wedding gift list.

Wedding Gift Lists

Wedding gifts started as a way to help new couples furnish a new home, they then changed to include registered gift lists often with a department store to avoid being gifted three toasters. Today, with so many couples already living together with a fully stocked home, wedding gifts and the traditional gift lists has changed again.

Modern Lists for Modern Couples

Today, couples are being more elective with their lists and choosing unique ways for guests to buy them gifts to celebrate their big day. Here are some interesting and unexpected things that modern couples are putting on their wedding gift list:

Artwork – Art is something that will stand the test of time, and it is a special purchase, something that is not an everyday occurrence. If there is a special piece of art that the couple want to showcase in their home, then they can put this on the gift list and guests can buy a portion of the artwork that they will remember as their wedding art forever.

Mini Breaks – Planning a wedding is stressful and asking guest to put money towards a mini break or even your honeymoon is a popular idea, it helps the couple unwind after the celebrations and lets guests contribute to something special that the couple really wants.

Smart Gadgets – We have said that home appliances are off the gift list, it is now the same for smart gadgets. Modern couples love these home tech options to help make their married life that little bit easier. From sound systems to video doorbells the future is here.

Charity Contributions – Many couples are now opting for charity contributions in lieu of gifts. Giving the gift instead to a charity that is close to the couple’s hearts is a lovely and romantic way to start married life.

Subscriptions – There are so many options when it comes to great modern subscription options and having these as an option for a wedding gift is the gift that will keep on giving – repeatedly. Whether that is a flower subscription, a gin subscription or something else, this is a way for couples to set up their first year of married life with repeat fun!

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However you want you wedding to be, modern, traditional or a mix of the two, the team at Broadoaks can make your wedding dream a reality.

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