10 Things to Remember to Do on Your Wedding Day

Aug 12, 2021 | Wedding Tips

Your wedding day will be busy, and chances are, you’ll be having so much fun that it will fly by! Broadoaks is a special place in the Lake District to get married and we have an experienced team to help things go smoothly.

There are a few things you could try to remember to do on your wedding day to make it as special (and stress-free) as possible:

  1. Eat!

This sounds obvious, but when you’re nervous and excited, eating might feel like the last thing on your mind. Once the wedding gets going, you may not be able to eat for some time. Combine that with a hot day and a big dress, and you may start to feel faint. If you can’t manage a big meal, try some toast and fruit. If you can, eat a hearty breakfast. Porridge contains slow-releasing energy, so it will keep you going all day.

  1. Drink water

Again, this sounds obvious, but it’s easy for this to slip away from you if you’re busy all day. Keep a bottle of water on you when you’re getting ready. You can delegate ‘water duty’ to a family member or bridesmaid – they can grab you a glass of water when you get to the reception, so you won’t have to worry about getting thirsty.

  1. Have some alone time

It’s important to take a few moments to yourself to breathe. When you’re busy all day and there are so many people to see, the day can pass by in a blur. See if you can take five minutes to yourself just to soak in the atmosphere and watch your loved ones enjoying themselves.

  1. Have some time together as a couple

It’s all about you as a couple, after all. See if you can take a short walk. Even ten minutes alone is enough just to catch up and enjoy some time together before you go back to your guests.

  1. Delegate tasks

You can’t possibly see to everything. If your granny needs a cup of tea, the flowers need moving, and the caterers need paying, you might be tempted to jump onto those tasks yourself (especially if you’re the kind of person that is always looking after other people). Today is the day that you can allow other people to look after you.

  1. Enjoy your cake

You’ve paid a lot of money for your cake, and sweet treats can disappear pretty quickly! Make sure you grab a slice (or get someone to save some for you!)

  1. Say thank you

The speeches are a great time to thank your loved ones, but you can also do it in person if you want. Take five minutes to thank your friends and relatives for everything they’ve done – weddings are a perfect excuse to let your loved ones know how much you appreciate them!

  1. Let go

Things won’t be perfect. Something will go wrong. Your groom’s tie might fall off at the wrong moment. It might rain. Your flowers might not look exactly the way you imagined them to. The chances are these small details that you have obsessed over for a long time might not go exactly to plan. But don’t worry. You’ll be so happy you will probably find it won’t bother you anyway!

  1. Bring your beauty kit

Gather some items for touch-ups – concealer, lip gloss, a small hairbrush, powder. People will be photographing you all day, so it’s worth having these items close to hand.

  1. Have fun!

Dance. Be silly. Hug your loved ones. Eat good food. Take silly photos. And enjoy your special day!

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