Why Choose an Exclusive Use Lake District Wedding Venue

Jun 21, 2021 | Wedding Tips

If you’ve chosen to get married in the Lake District, congratulations – you will have a beautiful day in a stunning location! Choosing an exclusive use venue, like Broadoaks, is a great decision for many reasons. Here is why we think it’s the right choice:

It Gives You Privacy

If you’ve missed seeing your friends and family and you want some space to really catch up, an exclusive use venue is perfect. You won’t have to worry about other guests or bumping into people you don’t know – everybody there will be special to you, and you can enjoy privacy on your special day. No more worrying about gate crashers enjoying your free bar, either!

You Can Enjoy the Preparation Together

Gather your family and friends the night before to enjoy some time together. You can prepare the decorations and favours, get a takeaway, watch a movie together, or enjoy a catch up in a venue just for you.

Enjoy the Security

You will know and trust everybody there. This means the kids can run around and play together without you having to worry about them, and you can fully relax knowing you are safe and secure. Plus, you won’t have to worry about keeping an eye on things all the time – instead, you can relax in the presence of your loved ones.

Enjoy Extra Special Touches

You’ll have more time (and space!) to add little extras to your venue to make it personal to you. You can hang up photos of your friends and loved ones for people to look at, create cosy ‘chill out’ areas for groups of friends to gather, have fun games on the lawn, create scavenger hunts and fun tasks for the little (and big!) guests to enjoy … having an exclusive use venue gives you a lot of scope for personal touches, to create a memorable day for both you and your guests.

You Don’t Have to Worry About Bumping into Other Brides!

If you have ever witnessed an awkward moment between two brides in the same venue, you may be tempted to go for an exclusive use venue for this reason!

There Won’t Be Any Awkward Moments

You won’t have to worry about wedding presents getting muddled up, decorations being returned to the wrong people, and so on. Everything at the venue will be about you as a couple!

You Can Enjoy Spectacular Photo Opportunities

You’ll probably want some outdoor photographs. Having an exclusive use venue will give you the freedom to go wherever you want, and you can create some incredible, creative photographs without the pressure of another wedding party waiting to use the same space.

Enjoy Undivided Attention from Staff

You won’t have to worry about overworked staff – instead, you’ll have the full attention of every staff member, and they will all be there to keep you and your guests happy, fed, and watered!

Broadoaks has been welcoming couples getting married in the Lake District for many years and we love to ensure that your wedding day happens just the way you want it. Our exclusive use wedding venue will ensure you can have the day you want, the way you want it!

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