Wedding Trends for 2021 and Beyond

Mar 20, 2021 | Wedding Tips

Predicting wedding trends has never been a certainty but with the recent lockdowns, it has been more uncertain than ever. However, love goes on and marriages will happen as couples make the commitment to each other to spend their lives together. And trends do still happen as brides and grooms find ways to celebrate their special day.

Here’s a look at the main wedding trends we expect to see for weddings in 2021 (and beyond):

A Smaller Guest List

Obviously, small weddings are going to be a feature of 2021 weddings. This means that couples are having to get creative, with live-streamed weddings becoming more and more popular. Broadoaks offers the latest in live streaming services for your wedding through our partners e-there who have live streaming packages to ensure everyone can be involved in your special day.

Having a smaller guest list can be painful and difficult, so we understand that hard decisions will have to be made. For some couples, however, it can be a relief, especially if you wanted to avoid the pressure of a ‘big’ celebration.

Meaning and Gratitude

Smaller weddings may feel more ‘stripped back’. You may not be able to have the huge celebration that you wanted. However, it’s a really good opportunity to give thanks to the ones that you love. Especially those that can’t make it to the day itself. Writing a personalised note, along with an invitation to watch your live stream if you are having one, is an excellent way to make people not only feel included but also loved and special to you.

Wedding & Honeymoon Combo

With international travel off the cards for a while combining a wedding and a honeymoon in the UK is becoming a firm favourite with many couples. Getting married in the Lake District really is the best of both worlds, you can get married in a traditional and beautiful country house like Broadoaks and then have an adventurous honeymoon hiking and climbing in the fells and trying canoeing or paddleboarding on the lakes!

Food, Glorious Food!

A smaller guest list may mean you have more to spend. Why not go for the best food you can afford? Treat your closest loved ones to a feast – it’s a great way to make the day memorable (and the taste testing is a lot of fun, too).


With more and more people becoming aware of the impact of consumerism on the environment, couples are being mindful of their choices. Using locally grown produce and in-season flowers can cut down the air miles involved in your celebration and opt for less plastic in your favours and decorations can really help.

You can also get thrifty here, which helps to save money. DIY centrepieces using wildflowers are beautiful and cost a fraction of the price of out of season flowers.

Full-on Glamour

Don’t feel you have to tone down your look because you’re having a smaller wedding! If you want to go full Hollywood-glamour, now is the time. If you’re desperate for an excuse to get dressed up after being stuck at home in your jogging bottoms for months, you’ll be even more excited to go for the traditional glamorous look. Hair accessories adorned with pearls will continue to be popular, as well as elaborately embroidered gowns and even statement jewellery.

Whatever wedding trends you want to incorporate into your day, the wedding planning team at Broadoaks can help.

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