Using Lockdown Time to Re-Plan Your Lake District Wedding

Jun 24, 2020 | Broadoaks News

Planning a wedding right now is going to be challenging. Many couples are replanning their wedding at the moment because it has been postponed due to lockdown. While this is a disappointment to all those couples, it does give them a chance to have a rethink about their wedding day.

Many couples have taken the time over lockdown to re plan their wedding due to changes in the rules about number of guests etc, or because they have had the time to really think about what and where they want their wedding to be.

Lake District Wedding

Here are a few tips that other couples have mentioned on how to use lockdown time to replan your Lake District Wedding

Re-Book Your Vendors

Presuming you’ve found a date that might work for you and your loved ones, you can now rebook your photographer, florist, caterers, and entertainment. You might find this a little more difficult than you did before, as many vendors will find their schedules being quickly booked up for 2021 and beyond. You may have to find new suppliers or services to fit the date that you want, if this is the case use the time to research the new suppliers and perhaps you will find someone that will really fit your wedding vibe and arrange zoom chats to discuss your ideas.

Rethink the Little Details

You might have already bought your favours and table decorations, planned out your flowers and décor, and have everything settled. That’s great – but it’s also fine if you change your mind. You are in a unique position to be able to go for a new theme right now if you want to. With plenty of time until the big day, you can hit Pinterest or other social media platforms to gather ideas. If you were feeling on the fence with your original plans, now is a great time to address why that is and make some changes.

Look Again at Your Venue

Weddings in the near future may have a few more restrictions than we are used to but, the great thing about a Lake District Wedding Venue like Broadoaks is that it is fully adaptable and as it is an exclusive use venue it can be moulded to exactly the layout you want and need for your wedding day. With beautiful grounds, and a range of indoor options, small weddings won’t look dwarfed and there is enough distance for larger weddings too.

Do Some Soul-Searching

Wedding planning is a very busy time, and you can quickly feel burnt out, with little-to-no spare moments for self-care. Take some time to sit and be still. Whether you want to have a bath, go for a long walk, or do some journaling, now is a great time to take stock about your own mental wellbeing and consider if you are happy with your current wedding plans.

With so much in life an unknown right now, it is grounding and reassuring to make plans together – and it’s a great way to strengthen your bond and plan the wedding you will love to remember in future years.

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