Traditions You Can Reinvent for Your Same-Sex Wedding

Apr 12, 2021 | Wedding Tips

The great thing about traditions is that you can switch them up however you like. Same-sex couples may be wondering what to do with traditional wedding ‘stuff’ – who gives who away? Who gets to walk down the aisle? What about best men and bridesmaids?

Same-Sex Wedding Lake District

Broadoaks is a beautiful gay-owned country house wedding venue in the Lake District that has hosted many same-sex weddings. The team understand that you can still hold onto tradition whilst making it more personal for you as a couple.

The Broadoaks team are here to make your Lake District Wedding as wonderful as you imagined it to be and can accommodate any new or edited traditions you want to include.

Here are a few ideas:

Best Men and Bridesmaids?

Why do we hang onto the idea that men need other men in their wedding party, while women only need other women? This is an outdated concept for any couple really, especially for same-sex couples. Now is a good time to switch this up! Have whoever you want by your side as you get ready for the big day, and maybe think about using a different name for them – ‘attendants’ is a pretty neutral term (although you might be able to think of something more creative!).

Who Walks Down the Aisle?

There are lots of options available to you here. You could:

  • Both walk down the aisle together – this is incredibly romantic!
  • Walk down the aisle one at a time – this allows you to involve your parents if you want to, whilst both experiencing this special moment
  • Ditch the aisle walk altogether – if it makes you uncomfortable, don’t feel you have to do it at all!
  • Have one of you walk down the aisle – if one of you likes this idea of being ‘given away’ and the other doesn’t, this could work perfectly

This is something that you can decide on together. It may take a bit of time to settle on a decision, but you can find something that is meaningful to you both.

What About Outfits?

Choosing your outfits together can be a really nice bonding exercise in the lead-up to the wedding. It can also help you to coordinate! This allows you to express your individuality whilst ensuring you look good together in the photos. You can also enjoy getting ready together, which is really nice (especially if you’re feeling a bit nervous on the big day).

If you do want to have that ‘surprise’ moment, you can pick your outfits separately, and you can ask the photographer to catch that magic moment.

What About Vows?

Traditional wedding vows may be off the table, but that’s a good thing in our opinion. Writing your own vows – either together or separately to surprise each other on the day – is way more personal and can be a beautiful chance to share your love for each other with your friends and relatives.

Who Gives the Speeches?

Traditionally, you’d have a speech from the groom, the best man, and the father of the bride. Many couples choose to ignore this tradition, with more brides, mothers, and maids of honours giving speeches too. Choose any combination of people that would like to do it – this is great if you’ve got an introverted Dad who would rather avoid giving a speech!

If you have some new traditions you’d like to create during your wedding, the Broadoaks team can help.

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