Summer Wedding Trends in the Lake District

Apr 19, 2022 | Wedding Tips

Planning a summer wedding in the Lake District is already easier than many venues – the beautiful scenery around the area makes for stunning photography backdrops! But you’ll still want to think about a theme for your big day and one of the best ways to get some inspiration for this is to look at summer wedding trends.

Casual Luxury in the Lake District

The idea of casual luxury has risen from the pandemic – we were all forced into being a bit more casual about a host of things but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy some luxury too. So, where there might have been a big emphasis on traditions in summer weddings, this trend is about having that luxury but keeping things more casual.

Examples include outdoor weddings that have a dance party for the evening reception or cocktail parties in the evening. Semi-formal clothes and even food truck parties are also on the list. The luxury of a Lake District country house with the casual approach of a garden party!

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Greenery & Laid Back Florals

Formal flowers have been a part of weddings for generations but the trend for this year is to get more emphasis on greenery and also to be much more casual and laid back with florals. This means less of the traditional types of arrangements and more flowers seemingly scattered effortlessly across place settings.

Rather than the more formal flowers such as roses and lilies, this trend embraces wildflowers and a more ‘tossed together’ that takes more skill from your florist than you would think!

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Pastels are Hot

Weddings tend to be a combination of whites and ivory shades with strong colours like wine red or forest green thrown in. But a big trend for this year is to use pastel colours at your wedding. From mint green to sunflower yellow, this Boho approach is popular and fits in well with the other trends mentioned.

Consider styling for modern elegance with shades like lavender, blush, and sage green to combine with the casual luxury style.

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Minimalist Decor

Minimalism isn’t a new trend but using it to guide your choices of decor for a wedding is a little newer. The summer wedding trend is definitely to go with ‘less is more’ and to make the most of the stunning Broadoaks country house and the available grounds. Use accessories and decor sparingly to highlight the natural beauty of the area.

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Fun Entertainment Ideas

The final trend is more about what you do after the ceremony and focuses on fun entertainment ideas for your guests. From a photo booth to grab memorable photos to a live band or even carnival rides for the kids, there’s a big trend towards making a wedding a celebration not just of the couple but of life itself.

Grabbing Trend Inspiration

The great thing about trends is you can pick as much or as little from them as you want. There’s no need to try to follow them all but even a single idea in a single trend can help you build the perfect summer wedding.

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