Should I Wear a Colourful Wedding Dress?

Apr 7, 2022 | Wedding Tips

Against the backdrop of a beautiful, traditional, country house wedding venue like Broadoaks a colourful wedding dress can look fresh, modern, and, more importantly, is what is right for you. So, when you are thinking about your wedding theme and your wedding dress colours, don’t simply think you have to have the traditional options, choose what you love!

For many years, the tradition of wedding dresses has focused on white, off white, or ivory and most wedding dress shops stocked only these options. But in recent times, brides have started to look at different colours.

Traditional White

White and ivory have traditionally been the go-to options for dresses, although ivory is now the favourite over pure white. Both shades are associated with purity and innocence that historically has been preferred by brides. But increasingly, modern brides are moving away from these traditional ideas for something different.

If you still like the idea of a traditional type of colour, then off-white shades such as champagne or cream are popular. These have a similar vibe to white or ivory but are a little more modern.

Colourful Wedding Dress Options

We can take a look at some of the history associated with colourful wedding dresses to help inspire your colourful wedding choice, but remember, the only reason you should choose your wedding dress, colourful or otherwise, is because you have fallen in love with it!

Red Wedding Dresses – We associated red with love, and it is everywhere on Valentine’s Day, but it is not seen as much in wedding gowns. Elsewhere around the world, red dresses are associated with the strength, energy and passion of the bride and are very noticeable.

In China, a red wedding dress is traditional and is called a qipao. It symbolises happiness, prosperity, and good luck. In India, red dresses are worn with gold accents for similar reasons with the gold representing the rising sun.

Blue Wedding Dresses – In Hindu culture, blue means bravery, determination, and depth and this translates to blue wedding dresses that symbolises calmness, decisiveness, and peace of mind. It also represents purity.

Green Wedding Dresses – While not having the traditional connections, green dresses have become popular with people wanting something calm and a little conservative while still having colour. It is also a connection with nature that makes it popular with people having outdoor weddings.

Purple Wedding Dresses – Purple is associated with royalty, power and strength so is a bold choice for a wedding dress and makes the bride the queen of the day!

Gold Wedding Dresses – Gold colours are believed to attract wealth and abundance and this has led some to choose it as a wedding dress colour. Soft gold shades with darker patterns and embroidery on them are a stunning look.

Pastel Wedding Dresses – Pink is seen as a modern alternative to white because it still emphasises femininity and innocence but is a little more fun and flirty, which younger couples enjoy.

Pale Orange Wedding Dresses – Another alternative that has that soft shade to them but still looks vital and fun. It tends to be the choice for more flamboyant and adventurous couples.

Yellow Wedding Dresses – Light yellow isn’t a common colour to choose but is seen as a great choice for someone who is funny and curious, wants to do something a little different but still wants a soft colour for their dress.

The Perfect Wedding Dress

Wedding dresses can now be found in almost any colour of the rainbow, and this means brides have the option to move beyond the classic white or ivory if they want. Choose a dress you love and whatever colour you do opt for in the end it will look spectacular with Broadoaks as a backdrop!

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