Romantic Flowers and Their Meanings

Mar 5, 2021 | Wedding Tips

Broadoaks is a beautiful country house wedding venue in the Lake District, it has a gorgeous interior and stunning grounds making a lovely backdrop for your wedding day and for the photographs which you will treasure forever. Broadoaks needs little in the way of decoration to make it a perfect wedding venue and this is one of the reasons so many Brides and Grooms love it.

Exclusive Wedding Venue Lake District

Flowers, however, are a really important part of any wedding, from the bouquets or boutonnieres to flowers on the tables, gorgeous and trendy floral arches or outdoor floral displays are all possible using the expertise and experience of the Broadoaks wedding team and brilliant local florists who are talented and great to work with.

Whether you want simple bouquets and arrangements on tables, or to fill Broadoaks with flowers everywhere one of the newest trends that couples are embracing is to use flowers with meaning. Once thought of as old fashioned, couples now are being very specific about only using local blooms to save on their carbon footprint and the meaning of flowers to add more romance to their special day.

Flower Meanings for Weddings

Many flowers have beautiful symbolic meanings, which may make it a little easier to decide on your bouquet and wedding flowers. Here are the meanings behind some of the most popular wedding flowers.

We have split these into seasons, so you can find the perfect in-season flowers for your chosen wedding date in the Lake District.

Spring – Spring brings with it an abundance of flowers:

Peonies – Growing in popularity in recent years, peonies stand for happiness and ambition. A nice sentiment for newlyweds embarking on a new beginning together.

Sweet Peas – Sweet peas have been a favourite for brides for a long time. They are fragrant, pretty, and perfect for a spring/summer wedding. They represent ‘pleasure’.

Gardenia – Gardenia represents purity and joy, a perfect choice for weddings. Plus, they smell amazing!

Summer – Summer is the ideal time for outdoor weddings, so floral arrangements can take centre stage. Bright colours can work well at this time of year.

Tulips – Tulips are a beautiful and popular choice for brides. They represent love and passion, which is ideal for a picture-perfect wedding day! They grow in many varieties, which means you can tie them into almost any colour scheme.

Sunflowers – A beautiful choice for summer weddings, sunflowers stand for loyalty and adoration, because of the way the head of the sunflower follows the sun. A romantic choice for floral arrangements or bouquets, especially for an outdoor wedding in the Lake District.

Zinnias – Zinnias stand for ‘thoughts of friends’ as well as lasting affection. A perfect choice for your bridesmaids. They’re a late-summer flower, perfect for outdoor weddings.

Autumn – For an autumn bride, there are a few popular options.

Chrysanthemums – Some chrysanthemums bloom in September, October and November, making them a good choice for autumn weddings. They mean ‘wealth’, ‘truth’, and ‘abundance’.

Dahlia – A more unusual choice, dahlia flowers bloom in the early autumn, and they’re very beautiful. They’re a symbol of commitment, which is perfect for your big day.

Winter – While colourful flowers may not be in abundance in the winter as they are at other times of the year, there’s still a bit of choice to be had.

Camellia – Camellia flowers are a beautiful choice for a bouquet. They symbolize love, affection, and admiration.

Carnations – The birth flower for January, carnations admiration, deep love, and affection. They’re a romantic choice for a winter wedding.

Year-Round – There are a few choices that are pretty much available all year-round:

Baby’s Breath – A popular accompaniment to bridal bouquets, baby’s breath symbolise innocence. They’re also pretty cheap to buy all-year-round, which makes them a good choice if you’re on a budget.

Roses – Perhaps this won’t surprise you, but roses symbolise romance, beauty, and love. The ultimate romantic choice for brides and bridesmaids alike.

Calla Lillies – Calla lilies are grown from the end of February through to August, and they symbolise ‘magnificent beauty’. Perfect for a bride!

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