Rainbow Styling for Your Lake District Wedding

Feb 10, 2021 | Wedding Tips

A rainbow-themed wedding could be just the thing you (and your guests) need – nothing says hope like the bright colours of a rainbow.

If you want to pull off this theme for your Lake District wedding, here are a few ideas:

Rainbow Wedding Invitations

The first thing your guests will see is the invitations, so why not set the tone early on with a rainbow wedding invitation? Whether you are going homemade or having them designed professionally, it’s easy to work multiple colours into your wedding invitations.

Also, don’t forget your wedding website – this can easily tie into the theme on your invitations, and will give your guests a good idea of what to expect from the big day.

Rainbow Wedding Flowers

There are some beautiful floral options out there for a rainbow theme. For your bouquet and centrepieces, look for hand-dyed flowers, or choose seasonal flowers in the brightest colours you can find. Each table could have a floral arrangement of one colour of the rainbow, or you can have long table with the graduated colours of the rainbow flowing along the whole long tables.

Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

More and more brides are choosing unique dresses for each of their bridesmaids, and this is the perfect way to display your rainbow theme. With each bridesmaid dressed in a different colour, they could choose their favourite colour, which means they might be able to wear their dresses for future events too!

What about the best man and the groomsmen? Ties and cravats can be bright and bold for a rainbow theme. A fun thing to do is to give each groomsman a pair of bright socks – this could make for a great photo opportunity.

Pom Poms and Lanterns

While rainbow balloons are a good choice, pom poms have more of a unique feel. Go for multiple colours and sizes to create an eye-catching look. You can also pick-up lanterns online, in a multitude of colours. These look beautiful hanging from the ceiling and create an exciting visual display.

Rainbow Inspired Wedding Food

You can have some fun here with a rainbow wedding cake. A sweetie bar is a great way to bring in bright colours too (and will keep all your guests happy!). Look for jars and bowls of different shapes and sizes, add some scoops and some paper bags, and you’re all set. A rainbow cake can really set the scene for a rainbow themed wedding.

Rainbow Wedding Tableware

The brighter the better! With a rainbow theme, tableware doesn’t have to match perfectly – you can go for unique plates, glasses, napkins, and candlesticks, which will give each table a unique feel whilst tying into the rainbow theme perfectly. Props are also a great option for a wedding theme – a photo booth is always fun, and for a rainbow wedding, it fits the theme perfectly. The wackier and brighter the props, the better!

Rainbow Wedding Fireworks

For a grand photo rainbow finale, fireworks are the way to go. Gather outside in the beautiful Broadoaks grounds and watch as the rainbow explodes to celebrate the end of your perfect wedding day!

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