Newly Engaged? Here are our top things NOT to do!

Apr 7, 2020 | Wedding Tips

Newly engaged? Congratulations! You are probably just starting to think about the wedding you really want to have, and have been given a lot of check lists and to do lists that may look endless at the start of your wedding planning journey – well we wanted to add another list – a quick list of things NOT to do as a newly engaged couple that will help in your planning for later!

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As a luxury wedding venue in the Lake District we have helped many, many couples create their perfect wedding, and one things they all have in common is that planning your perfect wedding is a process and a journey, not a race, so take your time and enjoy the ride!

The Top Things NOT to do when you get engaged

  1. Delay Your Social Announcements – OK, here is a pretty obvious one, but once the question was asked and accepted, remember to tell those you love most first. In our social media fuelled age it is easy to quickly post a pic of your happily engaged faces before perhaps you have told your gran who isn’t on Insta! Save yourself some explaining and tell those closest to you first, telling someone you are getting married is also a really fun thing to do as you watch the reaction from others, so tell people in real life as much as you can, then when those close to you know, then post it on your social channels.
  2. Don’t say yes to anything – And we mean, anything. People throw advice, ideas and what you have to do at newly engaged couples on a regular basis, but remember it is your wedding so don’t promise anything as you don’t want to disappoint people later on. Say things like, thanks I’ll put that on my ideas list rather than yes we absolutely will invite all the extended family your dad wants on the lists, plus his football team and the neighbours – let people know you have heard them and are considering but don’t overpromise.
  3. Don’t commit, remember things change – Depending on the length of your engagement (and for some couples this can be a few years) remember that things can change between getting engaged, booking your venue and the wedding day itself, friendships may have come and gone, you may have a new job with new colleagues and family members may have increased their family size. So making your mind up about who is going to be in your wedding party at to early a stage may make it more difficult for you to have the wedding you want when the time comes, so just relax, take your time and confirm guest lists and wedding party members closer to the date.
  4. Don’t have an ill-fitting Engagement Ring – Engagement rings are amazing things and you will inevitably want to show the off, but make sure it fits properly or you may lose or damage it. It should take from a few days to a week to get your ring resized to fit you perfectly and then you can have confidence when you show everyone your new bling!
  5. Don’t Delay in Finding a Venue – Probably the biggest decision, (after deciding whom to get married to) is where to get married as that will set the tone and your options for the rest of your choices. If you can find an amazing wedding venue like Broadoaks Country House in Windermere, then you are in luck. Wedding venues and the team that work there are the ones who can bring your vision to life so having an award-winning venue at your back will certainly make things so much easier.
  6. Don’t forget to enjoy it – Being engaged and planning your wedding is a magical time, especially when you have a great wedding venue like Broadoaks, to make your wedding dreams and plans a reality. So, enjoy the loved up feeling of being engaged for as long as possible and don’t forget to enjoy every step of your wedding planning journey.

For great wedding advice on how to make beautiful Broadoaks Country House your perfect wedding venue talk to one of our experienced team today.

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