How to Style a Country House for My Wedding

Mar 22, 2022 | Wedding Tips

A country house, like Broadoaks in the Lake District, is a beautiful and romantic setting for a wedding. If you’re lucky enough to have your ceremony and reception at a country house, there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing your decor.

Windermere Country House Wedding Venue

Let’s take a look at some styling options for your country house wedding:

How the style of the venue helps with decisions

  • First, consider the style of the venue. Is it a traditional country house with a long history, or is it a more modern country house? This will help you narrow down your choices for decorations. Broadoaks is a very traditional country house first built in 1836!
  • If the country house is traditional, you might want to go for a classic look with white flowers and simple table settings. If it’s a more modern country house, you can be more creative with your choices.
  • Another thing to keep in mind is the size of the country house. If it’s a large country house, you’ll have more room to decorate, but if it’s smaller, you’ll need to be more selective.

How to Create a Styling Plan

Once you have a general idea of what kind of style will work best for the venue, you can start creating a styling plan. There are a few key areas to consider:

Flowers & Floral Arrangements – Most country houses will pair naturally with statement floral arrangements so if you have the available funds to have this, it is worth adding to your plan. The main reason not to do this is if the room is on the small side, in which case a number of smaller arrangements might work better.

Lovely Lighting – Look at the lighting already in the room and use this to help choose if you need to add anything. Think candles, (LED) twinkly fairy lights, and even fireworks! If the venue is well-lit or has the right vibe already, you might want candles just as decorative items.

Fabulous Fabrics – The wedding planner may offer to handle most of the fabrics in the room for you, but you’ll still have some options. Or you could hire or buy your own. Luxury materials such as silk table runners can add a classy feel to things but might not work if you are going for a rustic vibe.

Tableware & Furniture – As with fabrics, these may be provided by the venue; you should check in advance, but it is worth adding to your styling plan so you know what will be provided and what you may want to add. Tableware includes glasses as well as the crockery to eat the meal and also cutlery. Furniture usually includes the basic tables and chairs but also things like side tables for the wedding cake.

Planning Your Style

Planning the style of your wedding in harmony with the venue will help to make the most of what the country house automatically brings to the event. That way you get the look and feel you want but also work with the surroundings.

The true joy of getting married in an exclusive use Lake District county house like Broadoaks is that while they provide the expertise, the setting and the great hospitality, the styling that you add on top is completely your own!

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