How to Plan your Photographs for a Lake District Wedding

Jul 29, 2019 | Wedding Tips

Wedding photographs are probably one of the most important things on any couples to do list. This is because you will be capturing memories of the day to be enjoyed for years to come, so you want to make sure you get the best photos possible on your big day.

One of the many reasons soon to be married couples get married in the Lake District is that the backdrop is spectacular. But remember, as stunning as the Lake District is, you will still need to have a plan for your photographer, this will ensure they know exactly which combinations of family and friends you want photographs taken of and nothing gets forgotten in the excitement on the day.

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Making a list of the photographs that you would like is the starting point to having great memories captured so you can look at them fondly in years to come. What type of photographs you would like is completely unique to each couple, for example you may want pictures of you getting ready before heading to the ceremony, you may want to ensure you include lots of pictures of you dog, outtakes at the photo booth or ensure lots of the table decorations your family helped you make are captured.

Here is a quick and handy list of things to think about when you plan your wedding photography:

Pre-Wedding Shoot – If you are getting married in the Lake District then it is safe to assume that it holds a special place in your heart, you may be local to the area or may have fallen in love on the fells. Whatever reason you have chosen to get married in the Lake District, it is also great place to have a pre-wedding, or even engagement photo shoot. This is a chance to get to know your photographer and explore areas where you would like photographs to be taken. It is also a great opportunity to discover all Broadoaks has to offer for your wedding day and explore our beautiful grounds so you can make a list of places you would like your group shots to be.

Before the Ceremony – The rooms at Broadoaks are lovely and lend themselves well to pre-ceremony photographs. Your list of pictures to be taken could include, bride and groom getting ready, hair and makeup, a shot of the wedding dress or suit hanging, the putting on of a family heirloom, bouquets and corsages or the wedding rings before being worn. These can also include outside shots, including getting in the wedding cars, or at the beautiful fountain in our grounds.

The Ceremony Itself – Fortunately at Broadoaks, you can choose to get married in our Lake District Country Hotel or at one of our local churches. The ceremony photographs could include, a shot of the empty church or room before the guests arrive, wedding car arrivals, exchanging of vows and signing of the register, close ups of any bridal party, the walk down the aisle, confetti  throwing and most definitely the first kiss!

After the Ceremony – This is the time when most of the big group photographs are taken, the grounds at Broadoaks are a simply beautiful backdrop for these types of wedding photographs and there are lots of areas you can choose from. Ensure you have someone trustworthy to round your guests up so the photographs can be taken as quickly as possible. Along with the traditional couple, family and group photographs you could also choose to have a larger group photograph taken from above, images of your guests mingling, or children or pets playing. There is always also the opportunity to leave the grounds to have some photographs taken in your favourite Lakeland spots or even on Lake Windermere itself!

We have photography options available in our recommended supplier details here.

Broadoaks is a central Lake District Wedding Hotel and is perfectly placed to ensure you get the wedding day you have always dreamed of and captured in photographs! Talk to our experienced team about how we can help you create the perfect day.

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