How to Choose the Theme for Your Wedding

Apr 23, 2021 | Wedding Tips

Once you have chosen Broadoaks as your Lake District wedding venue, then you can choose the theme of your wedding. Choosing a theme for your wedding can be tough, but once decided, everything else from flowers, outfits, favours, to decorations, and invitations will quickly fall into place.

How to Choose Your Wedding Theme?

Many brides and grooms have had ideas for years about what theme their wedding will have, whereas other, perhaps, have too many ideas, so when the time comes to choose, it can be difficult. Remember, the wedding theme can be as elaborate or as simple as you want it to be.

We have some ideas for you to choose from, but here are a few tips on finding the best theme for you:

  • Choose what suits you as a couple, even if it’s on the ‘unusual’ side. With enough time and preparation, you can pull it together!
  • Think about what matters most to you. You might want to choose an outdoor wedding if you have a close connection with nature, in which case, ‘natural’ can be a theme to work with. Or, you might be into food, so that could be your starting point. Or you may even feel strongly about which colours suit you best, in which case, you can pick your colour scheme and go from there.
  • Look online for inspiration. Pinterest is a great place for ideas, with thousands of ideas to suit every theme under the sun.

Popular Wedding Themes

By having your wedding in the Lake District, you have that beauty and splendour as your backdrop, which can be incorporated into your theme or simply used to complement it.

Here are a few popular wedding themes for 2021 and beyond:

Vintage 1920’s Wedding Theme – Now we are into the 2020s, many couples are looking back to the roaring 1920’s for inspiration. This is a classically beautiful theme, if you love the idea of opulence, glamour, feathers, and sequins, this could look stunning. Some 1920s details include:

  • Close-fitting, sequin-adorned dresses
  • Vintage headbands or headpieces
  • Gold, silver, and black colour scheme
  • Jazz music
  • Plenty of champagne to celebrate

Relaxed Boho Wedding Theme – If you would love a relaxed, laid-back wedding, the boho vibe is a great choice and works really well at Broadoaks. Dance the night away in a beautiful but comfortable gown and make the most of DIY touches like favours and homemade bouquets for a super-personal wedding. Think:

  • Fairy lights and candles
  • Wildflower arrangements
  • Lace-adorned gowns that feel comfortable to wear
  • A soft colour palette of pastels and blush tones
  • Homemade favours and invitations
  • Plenty of cosy spaces for your guests to hang out in

Fairy Tale Wedding Theme: Nothing says ‘elegant’ like a classic wedding theme. If you want a big gown, guests dressed to the nine, and a fairy tale vibe, the classic wedding look is for you. Some ideas include:

  • Plenty of white – from flowers, to clothes, to crisp white table linen
  • Cocktails
  • Beautiful floral arrangements
  • A dramatic gown or veil
  • Formal place settings with beautiful tableware

Quirky and Colourful Wedding Theme – Who says brides have to wear white? If you want a day that really feels unique to you, a quirky wedding packed with rainbow colours will create beautiful memories for you and your guests. If you and your other half are into something specific – like a series of books or a TV show – you can showcase it here. Think along the lines of:

  • Non-traditional wedding clothes
  • Bright colours, from flowers to cakes to tableware
  • Personal touches, from table names to favours to invitations
  • Great live music or alternative entertainment

Lake District Weddings

Whatever theme you want to have (or none at all), or whatever type of wedding you want to have, the team at Broadoaks will make your ideas a reality. As a small exclusive use wedding venue in the heart of the Lake District, Broadoaks is the perfect setting for your Lake District wedding.

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