How to Choose The Best Month and Day of the Week to Get Married

Feb 7, 2018 | Wedding Tips

When it comes to planning your wedding, there are lots of different things to take into account: the venue, the decorations, the cake and most importantly, the dress!

However, one aspect is perhaps the most important of all and also one of the most difficult decisions to make: setting the date.

How to choose your month

Consider the temperature

One of the most important things to consider is the temperature, as you and your partner need to be relaxed and comfortable throughout your day. Remember, heavy suits and elaborate dresses aren’t exactly made for ease, and being too hot or too cold could end up putting a downer on your day!

To maintain a comfortable temperature, we think the best day should be around 17˚C-20˚C for a summer wedding. By this logic, any month between May and September is the best choice, although July and August run the risk of being too hot.

If you’re set on an autumn or winter wedding, October, November and February are generally warmer but have more possibility for rainfall.


Check for rain

Speaking of rain, considering the possibility for precipitation is another important thing to take into account as it will quite literally put a dampener on your day!

In terms of rain, it’s important to look at not only the amount of rainfall across an entire month but also the number of days with less than 1mm of rainfall.

In terms of the driest months, May and September come out on top, while January, October and November round off the bottom.

If you have your heart set on a rainy month for your big day, we have got you covered. Our indoor wedding packages make even the wettest weather seem a world away and can be crafted for upto 100 people.

For those set on an autumn or winter wedding, our brochure features the ‘Forever November’ and the romantic ‘Moonlight and Mistletoe’ package where you can have the whole hotel for your exclusive celebrations across dates in November or December.

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Make use of the sun

Most of us will automatically wish for sun on our wedding day but, while it definitely has its perks, it can also cause a few problems!

Your photographs will become a huge part of your day and help you to create lots of special memories, so it’s important that you don’t let the glare from the bright sun ruin your snaps (although a decent photographer should be able to minimise this anyway!).

In terms of sun, June, July and August provide a hazier, summery look, while May and September offer crisper tones.

This being said, no one wants to get married under a grey sky, so May, July and August offer the most sunshine hours, while February is the sunniest for a winter wedding.

Whether its winter sun or summer rays, our glorious outdoor ceremonies make for the perfect arrangement, as you celebrate your wedding overlooking Lake Windermere.


So, which is the best?

For a summer wedding, May and early September are great options rather than opting for the traditional June and July. They offer plenty of sun, have lots of dry days in the months, and aren’t too hot or cold.

For a spring wedding, April is the better choice compared to March, with warmer temperatures, more sun, and less rain.

For autumnal ceremonies, October comes out on top, as it’s warmer, drier, and sunnier than November.

For winter celebrations, it’s slightly harder to predict, but February generally comes out as the winner, being drier and brighter.

How to choose your day if you want to save money

Many people traditionally opt for a Friday or Saturday wedding, with over half of all marriages being performed on these days according to a recent census.

However, if you want to save money or have a smaller budget, why not consider a midweek wedding? Most venues offer a much better rate for these off-peak days?

A Thursday or Sunday wedding is usually the better option meaning you can plan your ideal wedding on a snippet of the usual price by opting for a less conventional day.

Although midweek celebrations are even cheaper and at Broadoaks, we are proud to offer a number of different mid week pricing options for you to consider including our very popular Wedding Wednesday package, offering full and exclusive use of the whole venue including food and drink with pricing from only £2,995 for up to 100 people, with the option for lots of customisation!

If you want the most options

Similarly, if you want the widest range of venues, vendors, and officiants on offer, a wedding held midweek or on a Thursday and Sunday can help.

Many logistical aspects of a wedding get booked a year or two in advance if you’re planning a Friday or Saturday wedding, meaning you could find that your ideal vendors aren’t available for your chosen date.

However, with a different day of the week, many vendors are more available. Tuesday and Wednesday have the least number of ceremonies and therefore will have the best availability, but Sunday and Monday are also good options.

Thursday holds fewer ceremonies than the most popular options but has the highest number out of the remaining days of the week, so you may find you have less choice for a Thursday wedding.

We understand, a weekend wedding isn’t the perfect scenario for everyone, so our lake district wedding packages can be tailored around you.

If you want the most guests

Finally, if you want the most guests at your wedding, then a weekend ceremony is the best option.

Friday and Saturday have the obvious logistical benefits for guests, but Sunday also allows people enough time to arrive and minimal time off work, especially if you start early and finish early to allow people to make their way home.

We hope this has helped you to decide which is the best wedding date for you! For more details of our wedding options available, check out our page and download our country house wedding brochure on our website.

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