How to add Luxe to a Woodland Wedding Theme

Jan 23, 2022 | Wedding Tips

Sometimes it feels like weddings are all about choices and picking one thing over the other.  You want a woodland wedding theme so that means an understated Boho feel.  But you love a bit of luxe and glamour.

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The truth is you don’t have to pick one or the other, there are lots of ways to add luxe to your woodland wedding theme.  With an exclusive use venue like Broadoaks which has stunning grounds, it is easy to have the best of both worlds. Let’s take a look at some ideas.

Adding Some Glamorous Colour

One of the easiest ways to add some luxe to your wedding is to add some glamorous colour.  Now, with a woodland wedding theme, there’s the temptation to go with natural shades such as greens and browns.  When you have an outdoor ceremony somewhere like a Lake District Country House, such as Broadoaks, this is an obvious choice.

But there’s no reason you can’t throw in a pop of strong, glamorous colour.  Red is a popular one and a strong purple such as ultraviolet is another.  These are found in nature in many types of flowers such as roses or lavender but add something a little extra to the classic green and brown woodland colour palette.

Use Luxurious but Organic Elements

There’s no reason you can’t have some gold or silver in your woodland wedding, but the key to blending it with the theme is to use organic elements or styles to do it.

Using things such as wood, plants, features, and floral arrangements allow you to have that natural look but also incorporate a touch of metallic luxe.  Even things like gold rims on plates can accent the more luxurious side of things while sitting the plates on a slice of wood coaster offers the perfect balance.

Luxe Lighting

Woodland wedding themes need some lighting to bring everything together and this is another great place to bring a little luxury to the look.  Fairy lights are ideal for inside of the marquee, around the reception room and to bring some twinkle to floral backdrops for the ceremony.

Another option is to use things like candles that are made from natural materials and colours but are in more glamorous holders or arrangements. This offers a great combination of the two styles.

Use Vintage Luxe Elements

You can also use vintage luxe elements in your wedding decorations to help bring the two styles together.  Rustic and vintage touches can bring together all kinds of decor options that will look stunning in a woodland backdrop.

You can also use some of these elements in things like your jewellery or even your outfits. Floral lace and embroidery are popular ideas to help bring a little whimsy to things but can also be quite luxurious if you choose the right ones.

Have the Wedding you Want

Having a woodland wedding with luxe elements is perfectly possible with a little planning. The two styles aren’t as far apart as you would think and there are lots of opportunities to bring one to the other for a unique wedding day that perfectly reflects you both.

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