Guest Book Ideas for Your Lake District Wedding

Aug 18, 2020 | Wedding Tips

Every detail of a wedding is important and if you are in the mid planning stage then you may have started to think about your guest book!  The memories you make at your Lake District wedding are ones you will want to cherish forever, and a beautiful guest book is one of the ways you can do that.

Lake District Wedding

There are hundreds of things that need considering when in the run up to the big day, with a guest book being just one of them. However, more and more people are starting to be more inventive when it comes to a guest book and thinking of unique and individual ways that their guests can leave them a wedding message.

Here are some of our favourite guest book ideas for your Lake District Wedding:

  1. Shaped Wooden Slate / Tree Slice

If you are organising an outside wedding, or one in a more rural and countryside location, you may be looking to incorporate nature into your day. By using a wooden slate, you can still supply a range of pens and colours and ask people to simply sign their name and leave you a message. You can then choose to display this in your home, possibly on a wall or above a fireplace, to remind you of your special day. A tree slice plays a similar role, where people can even choose to engrave their name or message. Afterwards, the tree slice can then have its own space in a cosy corner of your house.

  1. Wooden Bench

If you are looking for a replacement guest book, in the shape of an object, then a wooden bench may be the best option for you. You can place it in a certain area during your wedding and wedding reception, and throughout the day remind guests to head over and sign it. Broadoaks has beautiful grounds where you can place this bench in pride of place. After your big day, you can return the bench to your home or garden. The signatures and kind messages from your loved ones will now have their special place and be on display. Every time you take a moment to sit down and relax on the bench, you will be reminded of the day, and all the happy memories will come flooding back.

  1. Fingerprints

A great alternative to a guest book is to ask your loved ones to simply leave their fingerprint. This can be done either in a book or on a canvas. The final piece will display a loving and personalised work of art. You can either ask your guest to write a message next to their print or just simply their name. We recommend having a range of different colour inks available so people can choose different colours for their fingerprints and create a bright display. You can frame the artwork and choose the perfect spot to display it in your home.

  1. Take a Polaroid Selfie

A great alternative to a traditional guest book is to ask your loved ones to take a polaroid photo and write a little message on the back. You will probably have a professional photographer on hand to capture images of the overall event. However, asking guests to take a photo of themselves and each other, and leave a message for you can be a great way to create and treasure even more memories. All you need is a polaroid camera, lots of packs of disposables, a pen, and a little bowl for all your guest to leave their photos and messages in. You can then choose to add the images to a scrapbook or photo frame and use them to reflect on your beautiful day.

  1. Sign a Globe or Map

If you are your partner are travel mad and love exploring the world and all it has to offer, then a globe or map guest book may be the perfect option for you. Simply purchase a globe that you love and ask your family and friends to sign it and leave a short message. You could also choose a map of your favourite place or even of the fells in The Lake District! Not only will you receive lots of kind and loving comments to remind you of your wedding day, you will also receive a beautiful globe or map which can act as the perfect display piece in your home.

Whichever option you go for, I am sure your alternative to a guest book will go down a treat with all your family and friends. Whether or not you decide to display your lovely messages and signatures in your home, the object is one you can keep and refer back to, in order to provide you with warm and vivid memories.

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