Fun Outdoor Games for Your Country House Wedding

Dec 17, 2021 | Wedding Tips

Organising a wedding in a country house setting is becoming increasingly popular. The Lake District is one area where history and hospitality come together, creating a memorable day not only for the happy couple but their friends and family too. Broadoaks Country House is the wedding venue you have been looking for.

Lake District Country House Wedding Venue

Organising outdoor games is one way to make sure that your country house wedding keeps your guests well entertained throughout the day’s celebration. The grounds at Broadoaks are spectacular, a perfect setting for wedding photographs and outdoor games!

Here are just a few ideas you can include quite easily.

  1. Outdoor Wedding Games – Boules

There’s something magical about everyone dressed in their finest, playing boules on the lawn. There’s a long history associated with it and the game developed out of the French pastime of jeu Provençal which was played by royalty and paupers alike. Boules involves tossing metal balls as close to a jack or target ball as possible.

The game can be played in a small area, either on the lawn or a gravelled forecourt and is a fun activity for people of all ages.

  1. Outdoor Wedding Games – Dominoes

Another idea is to set up a dominoes table or two near your festivities. This can become quite competitive and addictive for your guests but is a great activity for those who don’t want to expend too much energy. Go for a vintage wooden set of dominoes and you can add a bit of class to your wedding day celebrations outside. Other games you can include are chess and draughts.

  1. Outdoor Wedding Games – Coconut Shy

You can also bring a little of the fairground or carnival to your wedding day by putting in a coconut shy. While this is a little more labour intensive, it’s a great way to help break the ice between guests who may not have met before.

All you need to do is find something to balance the coconuts on, some balls for people to throw and a backdrop to stop wayward attempts from hitting your other guests.

  1. Outdoor Wedding Games – Rounders

If you’re looking for a little more energy expenditure, especially for the kids, then a game of rounders ticks all the boxes. The poor man’s baseball, all you need are some bats, a ball and jumpers or poles for the diamond. It’s a game with a few simple rules and is ideal for later in the festivities when the kids might be getting a little bored.

  1. Outdoor Wedding Games – Treasure Hunts

Another way to keep everyone entertained at your country house wedding in the Lake District is to organise a treasure hunt or two. Great fun for all ages, you can also theme your treasure hunt and include little presents like jars of sweets or chocolate coins to keep everyone entertained.

  1. Outdoor Wedding Games – Lawn Skittles

Skittles is another game that anyone can play, and it doesn’t take that much energy even for the most exercise averse. On the Broadoaks lawn, you can set up a game anywhere and entertain your guests with hours of fun. This is another activity that can become quite competitive as the big day wears on.

  1. Outdoor Wedding Games – Tossing the Horseshoe

If you’re looking for something more traditional as an alternative to skittles, then tossing the horseshoe is a great option and fits in with the country house setting. Horseshoes are also associated with luck so they’re the perfect choice for a wedding day.

There are lots of other activities that you can include in your country house wedding and they’re not that costly to implement – everything from space hopper racing to lawn croquet and Hoola-Hooping competitions.

The Broadoaks team are experts in helping you create the wedding of your dreams in our beautiful Lake District Country House Wedding Venue.

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