Balloons are Back – Trendy Ways to Use Balloons at your Wedding Venue

May 23, 2022 | Wedding Tips

Creating the right atmosphere in your Lake District wedding venue is critical, not least because it sets the tone for the rest of the married couple’s big day. Get it right and you’ll have contributed to a memorable occasion with plenty of pizzaz.

Simple ways to transform a wedding venue, like adding balloons, are ideal because they tend to cost less while still delivering that wow factor so many couples are looking for.

Lake District Wedding Venue

The humble balloon is making a comeback and is a great addition to the celebrations. If you really want to make a creative statement, here are some ideas for incorporating balloons without being overly kitschy. You’ll be surprised what can be achieved.

Rainbow Balloons

The good news is that balloons come in all sorts of different colours and there’s plenty of scope for any size wedding venue. Creating a huge mural of rainbow-coloured balloons over the main table not only gives your venue a central focus but brings a smile to everyone’s faces at the same time. The key is how you mix and match different size balloons to create a dramatic 3D effect.

Balloons Instead of Wedding Flowers

Wedding flowers can be very costly and dressing tables, especially for large events, can take a lot of planning and work. Adding garlands of balloons to tables, however, creates something unique and can help define a wedding venue. If you want, you can also mix in fresh flowers or vines for that added appeal. Using a mix of colours such as pale blue, white and ochre can also seem classy and understated if that’s the look you are going for.

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Balloon Trains

The bride walking down the aisle wearing a long white train is, of course, traditional. It’s becoming more popular, however, to replace the train with balloons, adding fun and quirkiness to the occasion. It may not be the right choice for some, but if you want to make an entertaining statement, it’s well worth bearing in mind.

Just Married

One area where balloons are often used is for the departure of the married couple. Attaching some colourful balloons of different shapes and sizes adds a bit more fun to the day’s festivities. And it’s the perfect way to give the happy couple a memorable send-off.

Balloon Backdrops

Wedding venues can sometimes be difficult to transform without a lot of work on the surrounding walls. If you are looking for something that can be created on a budget but still looks fantastic, consider balloons for backdrops, particularly for areas where, for example, the cake is going to be cut. Again, with a little imagination and creativity, you can design something spectacular.

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Big Balloons

We can think of balloons as a certain size, but the truth is that you can find big ones that make a real impact on the design of your wedding venue. A few strategically and well-lit mega-balloons can make all the difference, for example, when you hang one above the dance floor.

Other options could be to create balloon hanging baskets and decorate the aisle with them. The trick is to add colour and dimension to your venue so that the balloons aren’t over imposing but contribute something special to the décor.

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Exclusive Use Lake District Wedding Venue

If you love the new balloon wedding trend the best way to get the wedding, you have been dreaming of is by hiring an exclusive use wedding venue like Broadoaks for your wedding day. This means you can decorate with balloons or anything else to make your wedding unique to you without worrying about having to clean up quickly before the next wedding comes in.

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