Are You Considering a Colourful Wedding Dress?

Oct 11, 2021 | Wedding Tips

Want a break in tradition? Wedding dresses don’t have to be white anymore – it’s easier than ever to find beautiful, colourful dresses that are both unique and flattering. A colourful wedding dress is a gorgeous choice – and it will look particularly stunning against the incredible scenery of the Lake District.

Colourful Weddings in the Lake District

This is particularly lovely for LGBTQ+ couples, but it would work well for any modern bride. So, if you want a wedding to remember with some striking photographs to treasure for years to come, don’t be afraid to embrace colour – here are some points to consider:

  1. Which Colours Suit You?

As the bride, you won’t have to worry about looking washed out in white. You can choose your favourite colour, or the colour that suits you best.

If you’re not sure about flattering colours, you can have a colour consultation – there are independent consultants based throughout the UK, and they can help you to work out how different shades work with your complexion. They will look at your undertones to help you to find the perfect shade to suit you.

Don’t feel you have to go for bright colours. Pastels are beautiful and can work really well if you want a soft look.

  1. What Is Your Theme?

Your chosen dress can influence the theme for the entire day. You can easily tie in your dress to a new theme – from bright colours like hot pinks, oranges and yellows, through to softer, muted greens and blues.

Feel free to think outside the box here – think about everything from your dress, to the wedding party’s clothing, to jewellery, to cake toppers, to stationery. It may be a good idea to set a colour palette, so you can tie everything together easily.

  1. What About the Season?

You can tie in your colour scheme to the season, which is a really lovely nod to your surroundings, especially if you plan to take photographs outside.

Pale pastels, like soft lilacs, yellows, and greens, are perfect for spring. Summer is ideal for bright, vibrant shades, like hot pink. Moving into autumn, you can draw inspiration from nature, and go for rich oranges, greens, or browns. Winter, meanwhile, suits rich berry tones. Thinking about the season can really help you to narrow down your colour choices if you’re feeling overwhelmed!

  1. What Does Your Chosen Colour Mean?

This doesn’t matter, necessarily – you can break with tradition as much as you like. While white typically symbolises purity, other colours have symbolic meaning, too. For example:

  • Red – passion and desire
  • Blush pink – charm and romance
  • Orange – strength and flamboyance
  • Yellow – happiness and humour
  • Green – compassion and loyalty
  • Blue – peace and purity
  • Purple – magic and mystery

This could give you a bit of inspiration and could help set the tone for your special day. Choosing a colourful wedding dress can really showcase your personality, too.

Hopefully these tips have helped you to narrow down your search for the perfect colourful wedding dress, and however you want to style the rest of your wedding, to match or to contrast, the team at Broadoaks can give you great advice as you plan your perfect wedding.

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