Arches and Backdrop Ideas for your Lake District Wedding

Nov 24, 2021 | Wedding Tips

The Lake District forms a beautiful backdrop for any wedding with its stunning country house venues, like Broadoaks, and amazing views. But there are still a few things you’ll want to add to your wedding day to make the most of the beautiful surroundings. Arches and backdrops are two ways to focus attention on the most important things in your wedding, the two people getting married!

Here are a few Arch and Backdrop Ideas for your Lake District Wedding:

Colourful Floral Arches – One of the great things about flowers is there are so many colours, and they make a great way to create a focal point for your ceremony.  Flower arches can be any shape including rectangular or rounded and the combination of flowers and greenery comes in so many different variations.

Modern Dried Flower Options – If pollen is a problem or you want a modern, trendy flower vibe, then a dried flower arch is a great alternative to fresh flowers. It has a rustic vibe and there are lots of high quality, colourful dried flowers that still create the look of fresh flowers but are easier to work with and last longer.

Beautiful Balloon Arches – A non-flower arch idea is to have a balloon arch that makes for a fun feature for any wedding. You can use all balloons, mix them with some flowers, add greenery around the balloons or even for an arch that is half balloon and half flower.

Hanging Light Backdrop– Another idea that doesn’t use flowers is to create a hanging light arch. This uses strings of fairy lights to create a wall of light that the couple can walk through or have as a backdrop to them. This is ideal if you have an evening part of your wedding or are getting married later in the day during the darker nights.

Wedding Wall Arch – An arch does not have to be something you walk or stand under for the ceremony, they can also be features of a backdrop. Wall Arches are becoming more popular as they don’t have to be free standing and can be placed anywhere.

Welcome Wedding Arch – Welcoming Arches are lovely and work very well if you are having a church ceremony. These arches can be placed at the bottom of the aisle, this allows both guests and the wedding party to pass through it.

Circular & Hooped Backdrops – Instead of arches many couples love the look of oversize hoops that can be decorated in everything from fresh flowers, to balloons to photos, or fairy lights. These are becoming popular as they are a little different from the traditional arch and can be uniquely customised to the couple’s choice of décor.

Fabric Backdrops – Many couples are choosing a fabric backdrop where they and their guests can stand in front of for photographs, this fabric can be anything, from a white sparkly backdrop to a favourite rug with a bright and unusual design to faux fur. This fabric then has lanterns, flowers and other decorations placed in front of it to create a real focal point for photos.

Lake District Country House Wedding Benefits

While arches, circles, and different types of backdrops are all possible, especially when you book an exclusive use wedding venue like Broadoaks for your wedding, one of the best things about a Lake District Country House wedding is that the backdrop is already spectacular and you only have to add items to fit your theme, not because it needs it.

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