A Beginner’s Guide To Writing Your Wedding Gift List

Dec 7, 2017 | Wedding Tips

There are lots of important decisions to be made when planning your wedding and one of the most important ones is also one of the most delicate: gifts.

Whilst it’s traditional to have a gift list, many couples feel awkward about writing one and are unsure where to start. In fact, some newlyweds avoid it altogether by choosing to ask for money or charitable donations instead.

But, if you’ve decided to opt for a wedding gift list, here are some pointers to help you on your way.

Decide how you want to organise it

The first thing to decide before writing your wedding guest list is how you want to organise it.

In the past, it was traditional to opt for one shop and use their registry service, such as department stores like John Lewis and Selfridges. However, there are now different options to choose from such as an online wish list, a specialist company or even going DIY and compiling it yourself. This post by Hitched has a great round-up of some of the best options.


Research the company

If you choose to use a specialist company, make sure you do thorough research into it to find any hidden clauses or costs.

Some companies have restrictions in terms of pricing, where you can buy gifts from, and how you organise it, with many charging extra fees to have multiple lists, for example one for gifts and one for monetary contributions to your honeymoon.


Get advice

Asking someone who has recently got married will be in the best position to give some advice on how to write your gift list.

Ask for any company recommendations, how they organised it, when they started it and what sorts of items they asked for. Whilst this won’t be exactly the same for your gift list, it will give you some tips on how to start.


Accommodate a variety of budgets

One of the most important aspects of writing your list is to make sure you accommodate a range of budgets.

This post by The Wedding Guide suggests splitting your list into thirds, one with a budget of under £30, one with a budget of £30- £100, and one for £100 plus.

This ensures guests aren’t put under pressure to buy an expensive gift if they’re on a budget, whilst others can splash out for something really special. Plus, it’s common for multiple guests to club together to buy one of the more expensive items, so this gives friends the chance to do that.


Leave plenty of time

Many couples make the mistake of leaving the list until last minute. Not only does this put more pressure on guests to buy things in a limited amount of time, but it also removes the pleasure of constructing your perfect list.

Writing a list should be something you enjoy, so make sure you can do it at a leisurely pace and ensure you give yourself enough time to go back and add things.

You and Your Wedding suggest starting it about three to four months in advance and leaving it open for a few months after the wedding, to give everyone enough time to buy a gift.


Think about your needs

As Hitched says, this is one of the only times you’ll be able to create a big list of everything you want, where everyone has to pay for it!


Make sure you think about things you need so you don’t just go on a rampage of listing everything you see. Go for long-lasting gifts and essentials, as well as some more meaningful and fun gifts. This means you get a good mix of things you can enjoy together as well as get something useful!


Go for more, not less

Some couples err on the side of caution and restrict the number of items on the list for fear of seeming rude or demanding. However, it’s best to have more gifts listed so that guests can have the widest choice possible.

In fact, it’s recommended that your list has a choice of two to three gifts per guest and a minimum of 100 to choose from.

It’s also a good idea to have physical items, monetary gifts, and gift vouchers on the list, so guests can pick the perfect gift.


Make sure it’s easy to find

Once you’ve written your list, make sure it’s easy to find, especially for those guests who might not be as tech-savvy.

It’s becoming increasingly popular to send out gift lists with the invitations, so make sure you include where your list is registered and any identification numbers. You can also list it on your wedding website or send out an email, and it’s always best to try use a company that has the option to pay over the phone for those who don’t enjoy online shopping.

We hope this has given you some great tips for writing your wedding gift list! Here at Broadoaks Country House, we like to make planning your wedding just that bit more special for the happy couple so for more details about our venue, check out our page here.

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