5 Reasons To Hire An Exclusive Use Wedding Venue For Your Big Day

Sep 14, 2017 | Wedding Tips

If you’re unsure about how hiring an exclusive use wedding venue can enhance your wedding day, keep reading for five reasons which might just convince you to go for that exclusive use venue. 

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When choosing the venue for your big day, you’ll likely be factoring in things like price and location, but have you taken exclusivity into account?

Exclusive use wedding venues are venues which are used solely for your wedding; no other customers, no golfers teeing off in the distance, just you and your guests (and the staff, of course). 

The difference between non-exclusive and exclusive use venues may seem trivial during the wedding planning stages but, on your big day, it could add that little bit of extra something which every couple deserve.

If you’re unsure about how hiring an exclusive use wedding venue can enhance your wedding day, keep reading for five reasons which might just convince you to go for that exclusive use venue. 

You’ll have more privacy

Venues like non-exclusive hotels and golf clubs can be great for wedding receptions and after parties, but you do run the risk of having gate crashers.

If you do not opt for an exclusive use wedding venue, you may have to share your space with or be in a close proximity to other parties. Not only does this take the focus off your big day, but other parties can be noisy and may impose on the ambience you’re trying to set. 

When you have an exclusive use venue, the venue will be all yours for the day; you and your wedding guests will be subject to boundless privacy, giving you all the chance to properly bond when two become one. 

There won’t be any strangers roaming around the venue gawping whilst you’re all in your finery and you won’t find any strangers in the background when you’re flicking through your wedding photo album. 

You will be able to choose exactly who you’ll be spending your day in the company of, giving your wedding the ultimate sense of intimacy.

The venue will be more secure

Security is important for any wedding, especially if you’re going to have little ones at the venue.

Exclusive use wedding venues tend to be a lot more secure and, with just your party on-site, it’s a lot safer for children who want to let off a bit of steam around the venue or in the grounds.

Children are notorious for getting bored at weddings but, with an exclusive venue, there will be enough security to ensure that they can play to their hearts’ content.

You could even arrange a scavenger hunt across the venue for the children to get involved in during your wedding reception. Whatever you decide to do, the security of exclusive venues will be endlessly accommodating.

If you’re going to be entertaining children at your wedding, read this Buzzfeed article for inspiration. 

The staff will be experienced and fully attentive

Exclusive use wedding venues tend to lend themselves to better service because all of the staff at the venue are there to serve your party alone.

This means that you won’t have to queue up with strangers at the bar and you and your party will receive the undivided attention of the venue’s staff.

Because exclusive use venues are so used to hosting weddings, you will be in the safe hands of experienced staff and you run less risk of something going wrong on the day.

It’s likely that the experienced staff will have seen every possible wedding-related mishap there is to see and they’ll know exactly how to rectify it; so you can feel safe in the knowledge that the happiest day of your life is being handled by the experts. 

After focusing all of their attention on your wedding day, it can be a nice gesture to send the staff at the venue a post-wedding thank you card to show your appreciation.  

The venue can be your home from home

If you opt to hire an exclusive use wedding venue when you tie the knot, it can truly feel like your home for the day as, in many cases, it can be yours for a whole 24 hours.

During the time that the space is yours, you can decorate it however you please and give it a real sense of personalisation.

Another advantage of choosing an exclusive use venue for your wedding is that you have the first refusal of all the rooms on site, making it easier for you and your guests to book your rooms and you won’t have to worry about the venue being fully booked due to a local event.

Many exclusive venues have luxury rooms, such as our rooms here at Broadoaks Country House, which are perfect for the couple getting married, along with their weddings guests.

Holding everything in one place takes the pressure off your guests, too, as they won’t have to travel from nuptials to reception to after-party – they can simply relax in their surroundings for the whole day.

All eyes will be on the couple

Most couple’s worst nightmare would be having to share their day with another couple, but that’s not as uncommon as you’d think when people book non-exclusive use wedding venues.

At many non-exclusive use wedding venues, wedding parties, although in separate rooms, share the same venue. This means that there are two or more sets of newlyweds sharing their day with other wedding parties.

When opting for an exclusive use venue, you can rest assured that you and your partner will be the centre of attention all day, without having to compete with other couples.

As you can see, there is much more to selecting a wedding venue than simply price and location. Choosing an exclusive use wedding venue could add the perfect touch to your big day, with a homely feel and endless privacy and security for an intimate atmosphere.

Many couples find that hosting their wedding at an exclusive use venue takes off much of the pressure on their day, so it’s definitely worth considering and, because exclusive venues and all of their bonuses usually come as a package, there are no hidden costs involved!

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