10 Ways To Go Against Tradition On Your Wedding Day

May 31, 2018 | Wedding Tips

Planning your wedding can be one of the most daunting experiences of your life. With a host of traditions as old as time, creating a picture perfect white wedding is often the priority for couples. For those couples that want a more unique day however, the market is expanding for alternative celebrations. From bridal suits, to street-food styled breakfasts, the world is your oyster when it comes to putting your spin on the trade of rings. If you’re in need of some inspiration, then read on for our 10 Ways to Go Against Tradition At Your Wedding Day.

1. Switching out the White Dress

So perhaps white isn’t your colour, maybe you don’t do dresses, whatever the reason there are some fabulous alternatives to the traditional wedding dress out there, each as unique and beautiful as a big old meringue. This year’s bridal runways have kicked off, and sure enough the “alternative bridal wear” collections are sitting pretty. Androgynous suits are quickly becoming a celeb-favourite, with everyone from P!nk to Victoria Beckham embracing their charisma. Better still, the high street is producing some fabulous, budget pieces that would work wonderfully for your day.

Maybe you fancy sticking with the dress, but it’s the colour you want to experiment with. Black wedding dresses are beautiful, there’s no two ways about it. Captivating, elegant and classy, inky dresses are just a sublime choice, and can make for some unbelievable photographs.

2. Food for thought

The traditional three-course wedding breakfast is perfect for those formal occasions, but for a more of a relaxed, family affair, why not consider another approach. Even the Duke and Duchess of Sussex got on board with the trend for more informal dining, with their bowl food options at their recent wedding. For a truly English touch, a jazzed-up afternoon tea can work as a wonderful interlude between ceremony and party. Inspired catering choices can be both interactive and engaging. From curries to hog roasts, there’s an abundance of suppliers able to offer something different.

3. Arriving in Style

While the traditional classic car has been a much-loved mode of transport for many years now, increasingly couples are finding other ways to make an entrance. From tractors, to boats, bikes to helicopters (we have a landing pad here at Broadoaks), we’ve seen it all. What better way to get the day off to a bang than with a truly imaginative arrival. If you are looking to stick to a budget, swapping out the transport for less traditional styles also often helps ease the squeeze. Use your contacts to try and borrow a fab ride for the big day!

4. The Honeymoon

Whereas a few years ago, when the bridal couple would have departed for their honeymoon almost immediately following the celebration, now couples often choose to delay their vacay, or swap it for a series of mini-moons. The aftermath of your wedding can be quite draining, and some people find that by delaying their trip, they help to ease the post-nuptial blues. A series of mini-moons, spread out over the following year can be a wonderful way to both see the world and continue the party.

5. Go All Season

Weddings in the summer always seem picture perfect but would can really mix things up by opting for a autumnal or even a winter wedding. Our exclusive use Winter Wonderland package comes with all the glamour of a summer wedding, plus, it gives you the chance to try out seasonal colour schemes and mix up the menu with local produce to match your chosen time of year.

6. The Speeches

A tradition as old as time, the speeches can be the dreaded moment of the day, filled with embarrassing stories of old, and drunken cliches. Why not forego the tradition for something more unique? A song, poem, video or even live performance could all be swapped in instead.

7. The First Dance 

Some couples practise for months on end to perfect a fabulous first dance, but for others, the thought of swaying side to side in front of a large audience can be hugely over-whelming. If this is the case, why not dance the first couple of lines, then invite your guests up onstage to join? For a something different perhaps swap out the first dance for a group ensemble, such as the Macarena to bring back those school disco days.

8. Let Them Eat Cake

The cake. A central part to the wedding, yet often after a heavy meal and many drinks later, tucking into a sponge might be the last thing you or your guests fancy. Why not swap this out for the dessert-course? If you still want to offer something, then consider cupcakes. Not only lighter on the lips, but also on the purse, these mini-delights can also double up as wedding favours, for your guests to take away. Cheesecake, donut-walls and even cheeseboards all make show-stopping, unique alternatives to the traditional tiered cake, so don’t be afraid to taste the rainbow and opt for something a little different.

9. Wine

Selecting your wedding wine can be a little bit of a minefield. Choosing something that compliments your food, yet is celebratory in feel, can be challenging. Why not shake things up a little and offer cocktails instead? These work particularly well when needing to partner with a non-alcoholic option, as offering mocktails alongside will appeal to your driving guests. Swapping wine out for something less traditional can also be a great way of letting you personalise they day.

10. Picture Perfect

Getting the perfect photography to remember the happy day is often a priority for the bridal couple. However, having photographers present on the day can also make some people a little uncomfortable. If so, why not consider something a little different. Scatter Polaroid cameras around, and ask your friends and family to help you capture the day. Not only will this help you see the day from your guest’s eyes, but it will also involve them within the day.

We love all these ways to transform your wedding into a truly once-in-a lifetime day and it’s great to see when our couples add their own stamp to their ceremony or reception.

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