ALL General room bookings & Festive season breaks


National/localised Lockdown

1. If we are closed by order of the government and we are unable to host your stay with us you have the following options:

a. Postpone your stay to a future date and as a thank you for not asking for your money back
we will move you FOC and NO extra seasonal charge will be made.
Note : If you are upgrading from a mid-week booking ( Sun – Thurs ) to a ( Fri or Sat ) then a weekend supplement will need to be paid

b. Take a refund for the amount that you have paid.

If YOU Are Unable To Attend Because Of Covid-19 Related Issues

General Room bookings

  1. The ‘Broadoaks Guarantee Change Window’ allows any transfer or cancellation with the period of 28 days and up to 2 days prior to arrival
  2. Should UK Government advice significantly change in the 2 days prior to your arrival, we will reactivate the Guarantee for you
  3. All other standard booking terms and conditions remain unchanged
  4. Should your new break be more expensive than the booking that you cancelled you will need to pay the difference at time of booking
  5. The Coronavirus Guarantee is available until further notice
  6. The Coronavirus Guarantee is not applicable to any bookings made via a 3rd party eg Groupon or WOWcher. Please contact them directly to discuss your booking
  7. The Coronavirus Guarantee is NOT applicable for wedding bookings. If you have booked a wedding and would like to discuss your options, please call our events team on 015394 45566 opt 2

Christmas & New Year Breaks 2021/22

  1. If we are closed by order of the government and unable to hold any of our Christmas or NYE events because of a national or localised shutdown, all monies paid will be refunded in FULL.
  2. If you have to cancel your booking less than two weeks before the event because you or any of your party are self-isolating you can either transfer all monies paid to the same event in 2022.
    Alternatively, we are happy to split any amount that you have paid into monetary gift vouchers with a 6 month validity.
  3. Should the UK Government put you into a Tier 4 category 3 days prior to your arrival, we will apply the same terms as above.
  4. If you cancel your booking within 48 hours of the event because you are self-isolating, we will retain 50% of the monies paid and you will have the choice of transferring the remaining 50% to the same event in 2022.
    Alternatively, we are happy to split any amount that you have paid into monetary gift vouchers with a 6 month validity.
  5. If you choose to amend your break to different dates, should your new break be cheaper than your existing booking,
    we will only issue a monetary gift voucher with 6 months validity on it for the difference to be used against any future bookings.
    Should your new break be more expensive you will need to pay the difference at time of booking



stop the spread infogrpahic

Minimising the risk of Covid-19

The welfare of our guests and our Broadoaks Team is always our first priority. We are continuously working hard to ensure safety protocols are met so that when you can visit us, you can do so feeling assured that we have in place all the precautions to minimise the spread of Covid-19 and keep you and your loved ones safe.

We have rethought and reworked our hotel operations. Extensive health & safety guidelines have been prepared and implemented and our teams have been trained, so we can get back to doing what we do best. It is now law that face masks are worn in ALL public areas of a hotel, so we kindly ask that you wear a mask when you are walking around our public areas when sitting to have a drink or something to eat, then the mask may be removed.

wear a mask image


  1. Appropriate personal protective equipment will be worn by all of our team members and changed frequently.
  2. We have produced detailed cleaning checklists for each department, including the use of Public Health England-accredited sanitisers for all areas, including guest rooms and all of our back of house areas.
  3. Guest rooms will only be cleaned prior to your check-in and then again when you check out, if you need new towels or any bedding or would like your room serviced then please just call reception. All scatter cushions and curtains will be sprayed during each service with a non-chlorine-based disinfectant spray.
  4. All touchpoints in public areas such as door handles, countertops, tabletops, soft seating etc. will be sanitised throughout the day using accredited disinfectants and sanitising products.
  5. Most of our corridors and public toilets have now been fitted with auto lighting systems so that the lights don’t need to be switched on and off when entering the rooms, thus reducing touchpoints as much as possible.
  6. Protocols are in place for staff in our kitchen, restaurants, bar, and ALL food prep service areas to sanitise their hands every time they serve food or touch food-related items. We have even fitted moisturising cream now as their hands were getting so sore.
  7. All contractors and delivery persons entering our premises have access to hand sanitiser prior to entering our building and also for when they leave.

In our back-office kitchen preparation area and also in our main Oaks restaurant and Orangery we have fitted HyGenikx Air & Surface Hygiene Amplifiers.

HyGenikx is an advanced & compact, wall-mounted hygiene amplification system, proven to eradicate bacteria & viruses throughout the foodservice & hospitality environment. Utilising a combination of the most effective air & surface sterilisation technologies available, HyGenikx provides round-the-clock hygiene & safety protection.


  1. All of our staff have undergone certified classroom-based hospitality-focused training on how to prevent the contagion of Covid-19. In addition to this, they have been through a comprehensive internal training plan prior to our opening the premises.
  2. Some highlights include:
    1. ALL staff have been issued with personal thermometers and will be required to take their temperature One hour before starting their shift.
    2. When staff arrive on-site, they must have their temperature taken again to ensure that it is below 38 degrees , they must also self-certify that they have not been in direct contact ( less than 1 mtrs for more than 1 min ) with anyone having  Covid-19 symptoms.
    3. Any staff member who shows or thinks that have symptoms will be immediately sent home and will be required to self-isolate for 14 days prior to returning to work.
    4. A mandate to wash their hands thoroughly at least every hour with soap and water, and when entering or leaving any area around the hotel they will all make use of the hand sanitisers around the hotel or in the back-office areas.
    5. Where appropriate, adequate and effective PPE has been made available, training on how to dispose of any items has also been given.
    6. Hand sanitising stations are located at all entry and exit points back of house for the teams to use.
    7. All kitchen staff will work adhering to the current 1metre social distancing guidance, all back-office flooring, kitchen and prep areas and the staff break area have been suitably marked up to clearly show 1metre intervals for guidance
    8. Our Covid-19 operating procedures are also clearly displayed throughout the back of house areas.
    9. Our staff have all been allocated their own lockers for their personal effects and separate coat hanging areas defined by individual teams.
    10. Our outside staff break area has been marked up to show 1-metre distancing and also has had an outside sanitiser station fitted.
    11. Our internal staff break room has chairs spaced for social distancing.
    12. Staff are only allowed to take their breaks 2 persons at a time.


Covid Symptoms infographic


  1. You can book your stay by calling our Hotel Reception we recommend before booking your stay that you read through these ‘Stay Safe at Broadoaks’ procedures to ensure you understand all the actions we have in place to keep you safe during your stay and minimise the risk of Covid-19 spreading.
  2. Your confirmation document will contain a URL link to this document so that you are always able to view the latest guidelines
  3. We strongly recommend that prior to your arrival you download the government-approved track and trace application.
  4. Payment will be taken in full for your booking prior to your stay to minimise your time at our check-in when you arrive.
  5. If you do have any special requirements please let us know before you arrive so we can make the necessary preparations with everybody’s safety in mind
  6. If you have not booked directly with us you can find all the information relating to your forthcoming stay on our website. Click here to view. 


Braodoaks Covid Safe Check-in Desk


  1. We would advise that you leave your luggage in your car until you know what room you are staying in, this will be easier for you especially if you are staying in a room that is NOT in the main building.
  2. You will see signage on arrival and throughout the hotel detailing the guidelines we have in place to protect you and our teams.
  3. You will find Hand sanitising stations at all of our entrances, we politely ask you use these before entering the hotel.
  4. We also advise that you use the NHS track & trace app and scan the Broadoaks unique QR code that is available at ALL of our entrances
  5. We politely request that if you are displaying any other symptoms of Covid-19 as shown in the above graphic above that you do not enter our hotel.


  1. We have added Perspex screens to our reception station as you can see, so we can all keep our distance (all of our staff will also be wearing lovely facemasks).
  2. If someone is already checking in at reception, we would ask that you stand back and give them space.
  3. We have put markers where appropriate on the floor to show safe 1-metre distancing guidelines.
  4. On check-in, at reception, we will take temperatures of all guests in your party and make a note of the temperature on your check-in form.
    1. If any person temperature read more than 38 degrees we will ask you to go back to your car (if you didn’t travel by car we will take you to our external meeting room).
    2. We will come and take your temperature again in 2 separate 15 min intervals if your temperature stays high then we will need to make arrangements for you to re-book your stay with us.
  5. Please be kind to us: we are making every possible effort to make our environment safe for you and our other guests and we politely request that you assist us with our efforts.
  6. During these times we have been advised against handling your luggage or belongings or physically showing you around our hotel or even to your room. However, we are always happy to help so if you do need assistance with anything we will do it at your request with your safety in mind.
  7. To reduce ALL customer touchpoints during your stay with us we advise guests to use their own bathroom facilities during their stay, we will, of course, be cleaning our public toilets every two hours.
  8. You will find a welcome note in your room outlining the following points


  1. We are operating on a NO CASH basis for the immediate future. All restaurants, bars and associated points of sale will utilise contactless payment methods.
  2. Items ordered during your stay can be billed to your room for payment on check out or simply paid by contactless payment as you go along.


  1. Every guest bedroom and en-suite will be fully sanitised before each stay. A door hanger will be placed on each guest room door to show this has taken place.
  2. Fabric items such as mattresses, pillows, cushions, carpet, chairs and other furniture will be sprayed with an approved sanitising solution, which is effective in killing Covid-19 but otherwise harmless to you and us.
  3. All surfaces are thoroughly wiped down and cleaned prior to your arrival.
  4. Linens, towels are professionally washed on high heat, with added sanitisation. All consumables are replaced before each stay.
  5. Any printed material has been laminated and will be sanitised before and after your stay.
  6. Our housekeeping teams undergo strict sanitisation prior to starting work and will wear the appropriate PPE during cleaning.

We have replaced our usual personalised arrival welcome letter with a standard letter that you will find in your room ( under the glass on your dressing table or in a Perspex folder in the room )

Stating the following

  1. Prior to your stay with us your guest room will be sanitised, our housekeepers will NOT attend your room again during your stay to service your room.
  2. If you need new towels then simply place your old ones in the laundry bag you will find in your wardrobe and place it outside your door.
  3. If you need more tea/coffee sachets please let us know and we will deliver a sealed bag to your room. Any items that you do not use will be recycled after they have been stored for 72 hours.
  4. We have replaced the glasses in your room with wrapped disposable cups.
  5. The china mugs we provide for your tea, are cleaned by our high-temperature dishwasher after each stay.
  6. We have replaced the large 250ml bottles of our Noble Isle products with small miniatures
  7. Some of the rooms in our CLASSIC COLLECTION ONLY do not have a manufacturer’s self-clean system fitted ( for this reason the spa bubbles WILL be switched off ). Apologies for this but it is for your own safety.
  8. You will notice all cups & glasses will be overturned on your tables when you dine with us, your cutlery will also be covered with a napkin and turned over so that none of the surfaces are on show.
  9. Our breakfast service is now fully waiter served.
  10. Afternoon tea & Dinner dining times must be pre-booked as we need to stagger arrival times.
  11. We also politely ask that you use your own bathroom facilities during your stay.


  1. We have set up hand sanitising stations throughout the hotel at each room exit and entrance. We strongly encourage our guests to sanitise their hands when they walk past these stations.
  2. Extensive cleaning of shared surfaces will be conducted throughout the day by our ‘Clean Team’.
  3. All seating areas across bars and restaurants have been configured to ensure safe distancing is maintained in line with current government guidance. Tables, chairs and other surfaces will be sanitised after use.
  4. We have equipped our loos with sanitising handwash at the basins, and disposable hand towels.
  5. To avoid overcrowding in the washrooms, we ask that guests who are staying with us use their own bathrooms in their bedrooms.
  6. When walking through the hotel we will ask that you please wear a face mask and use your discretion and consideration by keeping a social distance of a minimum of 1 to 2 meters between yourself and other guests.
  7. We have put in place floor markings and guidance signage throughout the hotel to assist.
  8. All guests are encouraged to take time to familiarise themselves with the regulations in place.


  1. We are fortunate to have our Oaks restaurant & the Orangery adjacent to each other so when we have a full house, we will open up the room dividers to make one large area. You can dine with us feeling assured that we have in place precautions to minimise the spread of Covid-19 and keep you and your fellow diners safe.
  2. Menus will be disposable for afternoon tea; evening menus will be presented on a fully sanitised menu .
  3. We will confirm your preferred dining times during your stay when you check-in.
  4. We are able to offer flexible table configurations dependent upon your household size, and bookings must adhere to government current legislation.
  5. We recommend all diners download the track and tracing application to ensure we are all alerted to any guests who may pose a risk of spreading Covid-19.
  6. If you are displaying any of the symptoms of Covid-19 we ask that you call us to postpone your booking.
  7. For the foreseeable future, we will not offer our usual breakfast buffet, everything will be waiter served. On your arrival to your table you will be asked:
    1. What cereal & Toast you would like, along with a hot drink?
    2. We will then be back to take your order for a cooked breakfast.
  8. To maintain the social distancing guidelines, we will not be offering drinks at the bar, instead, we will offer a full table service throughout the hotel’s bars, restaurant and lounges.
  9. A bell is located at the bar for you to call a member of staff if you can’t find one to order a drink.
  10. Last orders at the bar will be 9.45pm , ALL public rooms will be closed to the public from 10.30pm and guests will be required to head back to their rooms .
  11. Drinks maybe ordered via room service up to 11pm
  12. We are restricting our NON-RESIDENT guests for:
    1. Afternoon tea to only 20 guests in total per sitting
    2. Evening dining to only 6 guests in total per sitting
    3. This will allow us to operate easily within the 1 metre recommended social distancing guidelines.
    4. Non-resident guests must book prior to arrival, they will be allocated tables at the far end of the Orangery and instructed to only use the rear toilets in the Orangery.
    5. NON Resident Guest temperatures will be taken on arrival


Our usual “Special Corporate Membership” with The Spa at the Low Wood Bay is currently on hold due to COVID – 19 social distancing and managing of guest numbers.

We are devastated that this is the case, but for now, until things get back to normal, unfortunately, this is the case.

You may however still book a full day spa experience at the Spa at Low Wood Bay and receive a special 20% off Spa Experiences when staying with Broadoaks.

The Low Wood Bay Spa Team is on hand between 9 am and 9 pm daily to answer your queries and help with your booking.
The Spa, Low Wood Bay, Ambleside Road, Windermere LA23 1LP
Telephone: 015394 39303

This situation will be monitored as legislation changes

Please bear with us regarding this policy we will update it on an ongoing basis.